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Pair of brooches “Key Keeper”

Cloak Pin Fibula “Keys and Symbols”


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Letter cloak pin brooches “Key Keeper” 

Custom brass letter jewelry

We’re in love with our “Key Keeper” collection – what isn’t there to like about lush dresses, gorgeous caps, and fancy accessories? We wanted to create something that was beautiful as well as practical, and we’re very happy with how it all came out. The collection is mostly inspired by generic medieval clothing and will look great at an SCA event, Renaissance Faire, or LARP.

This pair of brooches are made to gently hold a cloak together, resting boldly below your collar bones and bringing an ornate bit of brass to any costume. They consist of two main pieces with a strong chain in between them. The two main pieces can have a letter of your choice – perhaps the initials of your loved one, or your lord, or your own personal initials, it’s completely up to you how you decide to customize them!

These brooches were made in our jewelry workshop and have been custom-designed by our team of artists, who created a whole new alphabet just for use in this collection. The letters are inspired by gothic lettering and are made to make sure they look wonderful on jewelry. They have been laser-cut and finished by hand.

The brooches are a rounded square shape and consist of three layers. 3mm brass is clamped between two layers of 1.5mm brass on either side, creating a filigree look-through effect that makes them three dimensional and very pretty. They are assembled with strong little rivets that blend in with the rest of the edge. The chain that connects them is about 10cm long and is made of two types of wire.

These attach to your cloak or clothing with a spring-mounted safety pin. Please note that even though the pin strong, these are a little bit more decorative and not as robust as some of our forged-pin heavy-duty fibulas. If you’re looking for something to use for combat we would recommend something a bit stronger.

Please put your choice of letter in the “measurements” section and contact our customer support if you have any questions.


  • 3mm brass for the letter element;
  • 1.5mm brass for the ornated frame;
  • 1.7mm and 2mm brass wire rings;
  • Rivets;
  • Spring-mounted safety pin.


  • Your choice of letters;
  • Custom ArmStreet alphabet;
  • Hand-finished;
  • Spring-mounted pin on the back;
  • Shiny brass.


  • Letter element: 49x48mm (1 59/64 x 1 57/64'');
  • Chain length: 10cm (3 15/16'').

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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This item is part of the “Keys & Symbols” collection

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5 Feedbacks

  • Troy Holness 07 of February 2024:

    Absolutely beautiful product. Looking forward to seeing what else this company comes up with fast shipping

  • Eve 02 of February 2023:

    This is amazing, exceeding any expectations. Made from brass with attention to the details, quite heavy, but it's the right thing for thick material like woollen. Gorgeous!

  • wiildman 17 of January 2023:

    Took a bit to arrive but not unexpected. Far better than my other experience purchasing from Ukraine. Thank you!

  • Hannah Lampe 22 of November 2021:

    I have always loved this company they're so quick to respond and forth coming about delays or issues they're super kind and super helpful and no matter how many times i buy from them I'm absolutely blown away

  • Matthew 15 of November 2021:

    This item is bad ass!!! Fine craftsmanship with the brass work!!! Keep up the quality and good work!!

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