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“Key Keeper” Full Set

Limited Edition Woolen Hood and Cloak


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“Key Keeper” Cape and Hood Set

Limited Edition Woolen Hood and Cloak

This set includes a cape and a hood, which look great together but can also be worn separately. They have been designed to match our “Key Keeper” collection, which is full of beautifully designed but practical pieces that will fit well into any medieval wardrobe.

The cape is very long, draping gracefully across your shoulders and flowing down to the ground. Though the cape looks medieval, we decided not to use a historical pattern for this one so that we could get a better length and a more refined look - gores have been added to make it wider and longer than our average cloak. To close the cape you can use fibulas, which can be hooked through some loops sewn into the trim as to not damage the wool.

There are two cape color options – beige with red, or blue with yellow. Due to the amazing matching nature of the trim for both of these color schemes, we are not offering any other colors because perfection like that simply can’t be improved upon! The majority of the cape is made from one color, with contrasting wool accenting the edges. Between the two colors of wool is a strip of our ArmStreet designed “Key Keeper” trim, with an additional border of subtle braided cord down the front of the cape to help the trim stand out. All internal raw wool edges are finished with braided ribbon, either matching (blue) or contrasting (beige has red finishing).

The hood for this collection is inspired by XIV century hoods, especially one found later in the century called the “London Hood”. This type of hood was commonly worn by women and had a very clean look as opposed to being covered with decorative dagging (hanging shapes at the bottom). This hood is a great addition to the cape, as the cape does not actually have a hood, so they work perfectly together!

The actual hood of this item is quite deep, leaving lots of room to fit your head and also flip back the ends to show the contrasting color. The mantle part of the hood sits nicely on your shoulders and drapes down to your chest. A split up the middle is held closed by beautiful little copper buttons, which fit into little button loops made by a cord. The outside of the hood is made of wool, with contrasting wool used on the inside. Around your head, there is a linen panel to make it more comfortable and breathable. The back of the hood has a very long “liripipe”, which you can leave to flap in the wind or tuck into your belt.

Both of these items are made from a premium woolen cloth, which we have obtained in a limited run, so it won’t be available forever! Wool is an ancient material used to make clothing for millennia due to its water-resistant nature and breathable warmth. It’s a great textile to add to your wardrobe when faced with colder weather. They are also both very well finished, with minimal exposed stitching and seams, with fine touches to make them sit well and look great.

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  • Woolen cloth;
  • Trim;
  • Cotton cord;
  • Flat braid trim;
  • Copper buttons.


  • Limited run of warm woolen fabric;
  • Contrasting accents;
  • Unique trim by ArmStreet;
  • Fine finishing;
  • Very long cape with nice drape;
  • Cotton loop buttonholes at the hood;
  • Functional buttons at the hood;
  • Long liripipe.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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1 feedback

  • Lorenzosighicelli 08 of December 2021:

    The cape and hood are stunning, exactly like the pictures. Great craftmanship and high quality materials. The seller was extremely kind and managed to have my parcel delivered just before Christmas with express shipping, as I had requested since the Key Keeper set was a present. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!

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