Medieval Bags and Pouches

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Medieval Bags and Pouches for Sale

The prototype of medieval bag appeared back in prehistoric times. Primitive man had to carry food and flint tools, leaving his hands free. Visiting Ren Faire or reenactment festival, you will also find an authentic bag virtually indispensable while carrying your stuff. Take advantage of a unique offer from ArmStreet and get a custom medieval bag of the desired size, material and color.

What is a medieval bag called?

In Medieval Europe, little bags used to carry coins and other small items were usually to as “purses” or “pouches” and all-purpose, usually larger bags were called “chaneries”. Rus old times bags were clalled “tashka”.

Why bags were so wide-spread in Middle Ages?

The answer is pretty simple. For the most of the human history, clothing didn't have pockets, so small bags like purses or pouches were a common way to carry belongings

How people wore medieval bags?

Simple cloth or leather pouches were worn around the waist or hidden inside the clothing, nobles and knights often had more elaborate bags made of luxurious materials These bags were often carried by hand, or hung from the saddle or the belt.

Early Medieval Bag

Since the 11th century, both men and women embraced the leather pouches sewn on the overdress or attached to the belt to carry the money and an ever-increasing number of everyday necessities with them. A medieval bag had to be tied up in its upper part in a manner of a drawstring pouch to prevent the loss of possessions. Such a pouch or a belt bag is an essential attribute of every medieval character.

Textile shoulder bags of rectangular shape were plentiful starting from 12th century. These bags were used both by monks and parishioners to carry the prayer books and rosaries, and the pilgrims for their modest belongings such as a begging bowl and a wooden spoon.

Middle Ages Bag

In the 14-15 centuries, a bag was still attached to the belt, as there were a few centuries left before the appearance of pockets. But of a coarse leather bag, it has transitioned to a sophisticated accessory. An alms-bag came into use about after the Crusades. This textile purse called “aumoniere” was needed to have the small change on hand for almsgiving.

An indispensable accessory for a men's suit has become a pouch for storing tobacco. Adventurers, soldiers, and hunters used canvas or leather flap bags with one or more compartments and saddle bags to carry their basic necessities and weapons. Quality and finish of the bag often defined the status of the owner

Viking bags and pouches

The medieval Viking pouches are significant artifacts that provide insight into the daily life and culture of the Viking people. These small Viking bags were essentially used by both men and women. They were typically made from leather and adorned with intricate designs, reflecting the craftsmanship and artistry of the Viking era.
Our collection of Viking bags and pouches reflects different sides of the Viking culture, from historical aspects to a more fantasy approach, where we are experimenting with different Viking styles to create unique pieces for the modern days enthusiasts, LARPers, and Viking culture lovers.

Material & Style

The very first predecessors of a bag were made of rawhide leather and fur. In our medieval bags store, we offer items made of genuine leather and suede, as tanned and dyed calf- and goatskins were the main materials for the manufacturing of the bags throughout the Middle Ages. Ornated with the metal pads, fittings, embossing or application, they can both complement your period outfit and help change up the vibe of your casual look.

To buy a medieval bag, one should assess what he's going to carry in it because the size and style of a bag were predetermined by its purpose. Here are the main medieval bag styles, just to name a few of them:

  • drawstring pouch;
  • wristlet bag;
  • belt bag;
  • satchel and flap bag;
  • shoulder bag;
  • saddle bag.

A trend for handmade leather bags is true! Whether you're a bag-obsessed fashionista looking for a great collectible or an actual reenactor who prefers to carry his cellphone in a really old-fashioned way, you came to the right place.

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