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"Fireside Family" Embossed Bag

Soft leather round pouch


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"Fireside Family" Leather Bag

Embossed leather round pouch

It is simple to make complicated stuff, but it's complicated to make the simple one. Our whole "Fireside Family" collection is about simplicity, basic functionality, and restrained accents, so we need a bag that matches the profile. This bag is built around a very popular ancient idea of holding things together with a piece of fabric or leather wrapped around them.

Take a piece of fabric, wrap it around your stuff, make a knot, or hold the edges together with a lacing, put it on the stick or on the belt, and, voila, you've got your medieval bag. This bag is pretty much the same idea, just finished in ArmStreet style. Round is a perfect shape, leather is a perfect material, and embossing is a perfect technique to humbly say the owner is not a regular Joe. You'll definitely need a little bit more time to reach the stuff in your bag, but for some of our customers it's even an advantage - one of the perks of living a medieval life is that you don't need to be in a hurry all the time. Pay attention to what you do, keep your coins and other belongings safe and watch for pickpockets - it is one of the most ancient occupations.

Back to our collection, the embossing on the bag will work fine with any of our male or female costumes from the collection and will work great for a wide range of characters, especially Early Middle Ages based, say X to the XII century. Having a stylish bag is essential for medieval, LARP, SCA events, as old good times clothing is mostly pocketless, and you'll definitely need something to hold all your essentials on you.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Soft leather;
  • Sturdy leather;
  • Waxed lacing.


  • ArmStreet design;
  • Embossing imitates tablet weaving pattern;
  • Contrasting elements;
  • High quality natural leather;
  • Significant capacity.


  • 22 cm tall (8 ²¹/₃₂ '').

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