Medieval women's costumes

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Medieval women's costumes for sale

Modern ladies fancy the lost epochs, dreaming of turning into a graceful princess, a brave Viking, a cloak-and-dagger adventurer or a mysterious sorceress, and all these dreams can be easily realized if you buy medieval women's costumes from the ArmStreet online store. We love Middle Ages fashion and we're experienced in creating appropriate outfits. ArmStreet is a well-known brand all over the world for the great selection of originally designed medieval costumes for women. There are great quality outfits in our catalog for renaissance faires, SCA wars, LARP events and period parties that belong to different epochs and peoples, starting from the peasant's and townswoman's and up to noble and royal medieval outfits. We have options both for reenactment lovers and completely fantasy garbs for those who allow free play to the fancy, and many more different models.

Be it a festival, a ren faire, a masquerade party or any other tour to the past, it's a great chance to stand out, trying on a new look with the help of an elegant historical dress. A medieval women's costume establishes the baseline for the whole image, which becomes complete with learning your character's background, rehearsing the style of holding on, so you can charm the Knights with a bright appearance and intelligent approach to mastering the role. Our women's fancy dresses will help you to make a statement and to become a true medieval queen! Learn the list of our benefits:

  • historical fashion research
  • exclusive fantasy designs
  • custom size option
  • ready to ship costumes
  • worldwide delivery

Women's medieval costumes

The beauty and sophistication of medieval female costumes are amazing: fitted dresses and loose tunics, supplemented with chemises, corsets, exchangeable sleeves, bodices, skirts, aprons, surcoats, caftans, pelerines, and hats. The designer-built ensembles work for you, allowing to exclude doubts about the perfect compatibility of the items and harmony of colors. Handmade of natural materials, like hundreds of years ago, flax linen, cotton, woolen costumes are pleasant to touch, provide comfort, and facilitates the care as they can be machine washed. Decorated with embroidery, trims, brocade, adjustable lacing, decorative stitching and other exclusive accents, they can be used to complete any period and fantasy character's look. The rich assortment of the medieval women's costumes store allows you to order the dress of any size and style at the best price. Taking into account high quality of the manufacture, natural fabrics, and available custom-size option, you will definitely enjoy our garbs! Simple navigation through the catalog makes the process of purchasing a medieval female costume easy.

We specialize in making custom medieval costumes, women's and men's, so just drop us a line if bespoke wedding, historical or theatrical outfit is something that would interest you if you're in need of something slightly different or even totally unique. All items are mailed everywhere in the world via Air Mail and UPS express within 5-8 days to USA, EU, Australia and all other countries.

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