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Costume “Trea the Serene”

Undertunic with short-sleeved dress garb


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Full costume with short-sleeved dress “Trea the Serene”

Linen short-sleeved tunic with chemise and belt for LARP and Renaissance Fair

Many years ago, when ArmStreet was way experienced than today and the number of products in our shop was way less impressive, our “tunic and overtunic” kits were one of the most popular garbs so far. This kit is a kind of tribute to the old good days, just one or two steps above.

The whole idea of the “Fireside family” collection is to create a basic early medieval costume collection that could be a foundation for many LARP, SCA, Renaissance Fair, or medieval garbs. We strived to make it neutral and organic. The combination of high-quality fabric and craftsmanship and discreet accents provides great versatility and endless options.

The kit is consists of three parts, and two of those can be combined to create a certain look for a certain occasion.

A soft and thin linen chemise is made of linen that is supposed to be used as an inner layer, this is traditional medieval underwear and also a thin chemise. It is slightly tighter than the earlier Viking undertunics, stylistically it relates to the XI-XII century. Sleeves are slightly tightened to the wrists to make them comfortable as a layer worn under the main dress.

An overtunic, which can also be used as a stand-alone dress for the hot weather, works the best with the chemise, and together they practically make a perfect everyday medieval garb. This T-shaped tunic with short sleeves that smoothly connected to the collar line rings the bell to those who understand the connection between the early medieval and late Roman costumes. As well as the fabric belt, it is decorated with elegant and simple trim which imitates the tablet waving technique.

The belt is definitely one of the most necessary things you can imagine for the versatility of your costume. This textile belt is long enough to double wrap it, you can choose the tightness and the knot position and these features make the textile belt a must-have piece of costume. It is decorated with the same trim you have on the overtunic and ends with fringes. There are som many ways you can use it, from the emergency lacing to the wrap to hold your blanket or any clothing rolled, from the weapon holder to the thing your cat wants the most, in one word, irreplaceable.

Together, these three things create many opportunities, from the chemise with a belt "I don't care, I'm at home" to the almost formal look with all three things properly layered to the midday short-sleeved dress for some meadow walk.

This kit probably would be the editor's choice if you can pick up only one change of clothing for the event.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim.

The set includes:

  • Linen overdress;
  • Undertunic;
  • Belt.


  • Short split sleeves of the overtunic;
  • Trim imitates tablet weaving;
  • Floor-length;
  • Medieval family look;
  • Belt wraps twice around the waist;
  • Belt has fringe on the end.

This item is part of the “Fireside Family” collection

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1 feedback

  • Kateryna 16 of October 2023:

    The dress is everything I could have wanted and more the quality is amazing.

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