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"Fireside Family" Woolen Cape

Warm cape with fringe and trim

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"Fireside Family" Woolen Cape

Warm cape with fringe and trim

It takes at least a couple of years of active LARPing and medieval events participation to realize that the time of the day is not always a day and the weather is not always cloudless and warm. But eventually, we all get there, and something like "cloak", "cape" or "woolen blanket" appears in our packing list. However, the space and the amount of stuff is limited for almost every traveller. So we need to think twice about choosing the stuff we are actually ready to take on board.

This cloak is one of those items that solve many problems, a "jack of all trades" among cloaks. It is relatively simple what makes it very versatile in terms of draping and wearing in different manners. It works perfectly for many Early Middle Ages characters: the trim imitates tablet-weaving, and the 3-colored fringe is typical for the tablet-weaving and completes the authentic look along with the matching linen bordering.

The cloak is literally half-round, there is no collar or hood and if you put it on the ground it turns into a large, light, woolen, half-round blanket. Cloaks like this were very popular for quite a long period of time, clearly deriving from the Roman approach to clothing. It could be used as a head-cover as well. It comes in one size only and fits most. It wasn't easy to find this genuine wool, so the selection of colors is limited but beautiful and very organic for the period. The trim and fringe design and colors connect the cloak to the rest of the pieces from the "Fireside Family" collection and we hope that this collection will be a new standard for "basic" medieval costumes, creating an authentic look that also leaves enough room for your own creativity and character-creating process.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Wool;
  • Trim;
  • Cotton mouline thread.


  • Length at the back - 136cm (53 ³⁵/₆₄ '');
  • Length at the side - 153cm (60 ¹⁵/₆₄ '').


  • Byzantine design;
  • Can be worn in multiple ways;
  • Trim imitates tablet weaving;
  • Soft wool.

This item is part of the “Fireside Family” collection

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