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“Fireside Family” Woolen Hood

Warm headwear with linen lining


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"Fireside Family" Woolen Hood

Woolen hood

It is always pleasant to have a walk and get some fresh air. Either after long working days or during festivals, you can stroll in forests and fields.  Summer evenings are perfect for it. But you should not limit your walk to only one season. Autumn and spring evenings can be very nice for staying outside and having a small trip in nature. But you should dress warmly. First, you take a beautiful and stylish jacket or cloak. Then, when it gets even colder, you can look for caps and scarves.

Styles can be different. And if we look at medieval fashion, we will see the way people used to deal with cold weather back in the day. They used woolen hoods. This headgear was very convenient. Wool is a natural material that can even keep you dry under the drizzle. Hoods usually have capes that cover the neck, shoulders, and chest in one piece so that wind cannot get inside. Besides, this headwear can suit your Medieval outfit perfectly.

That is why we decided to include such functional headgear in our “Fireside Family” collection. Our hood has two layers. The outer layer is made of wool and will keep you warm. The inner layer is made of fine flax linen that is very soft and pleasant to wear. The hood has a long cape and is rather deep. It has much material to flip back showing the contrasting linen. The headgear is also decorated with a seam.

Do not forget to take this marvelous and convenient hood to the next festival. We hope you will like its look and functionality.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Natural wool;
  • Fine flax linen lining.


  • Two layers;
  • Decorative seam;
  • Long pelerine;
  • A deep hood that can be flipped back.

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“Fireside Family” Linen Hood

Linen hood for adults


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3 Feedbacks

  • Mike 28 of May 2023:

    This hood is awesome.

  • Rejane Marti 07 of November 2022:

    Very good fabric quality and well sewed!

  • Guest 31 of October 2022:

    I love it. While I have been in the SCA, that was several years ago. I didn’t get this as a costume but as functional clothing. I am constantly fighting the cold from my upper back up to the back of my head. Scarves don’t cover enough. The Woolen Hood is much better than a hoodie! Warmer and looks awesome. What I would like to have is a weatherproof version. I believe that the period version would be oiled leather. Once again, it’s great! I hope all of you and your families are as safe as possible. I wish I could do more. Richard

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