Fantasy boots

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The world’s best collection of fantasy boots

It’s no secret that here at ArmStreet we make amazing footwear. Our boots and shoes can be found far and wide, from your local LARP event to celebrity theatre productions and television. We take great pride in designing footwear that is comfortable, unique, creative and built to last, crafted from the finest materials.

Handcrafted by our master shoemaker

One thing that sets ArmStreet apart is that we don’t outsource the production of our shoes. Everything is conceptualized in our design studio and made by our master shoemaker who has spent decades constructing quality footwear, which has applied to create the perfect fantasy leather boots.

The best shoes for LARPing

Over the years we have developed a reputation as the company that makes the best LARP shoes. This is because we are LARPers ourselves, and understand the requirements, both physically and aesthetically. We aim to make footwear that can either be a statement piece or blend in with the rest of your kit to help you make the character you’ve always wanted to play.

Feel confident running through the forest

We’ve all had a few slips and tumbles when running through the forest after a monster, or confronting an enemy on the battlefield. One thing that adds to this danger is slippery medieval footwear with smooth soles. We’re proud to have taken the appearance of medieval footwear and altered it slightly to offer you more grip and better traction on all terrain. This means that you can wear fantasy elven boots, but still have the reliability of modern shoes, which isn’t easy to find in LARP boots!

Pick the perfect wedding shoes

Since all of our footwear is designed with life in mind, we actually have a few beautiful models of shoes that are very popular in weddings. From dashing men’s boots to dainty women’s shoes in white embossed leather, there are lots of options to bring a medieval twist to your perfect day.

Get your sea legs with fantasy high pirate boots

Don’t slip up on deck! Get into the pirate mindset with boots that make you feel grounded and ready to swashbuckle. Made from high-quality leather, our boots will hold up to all sorts of conditions as long as they are properly treated and taken care of over the course of their lifetime.

Specialty women's and men’s LARP boots

We’re not just creating historical replicas here, we’re designing items that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve applied our creative expertise to historical concepts to create something new and exciting, without completely violating the historical aesthetic. Good fantasy medieval boots are often based on history, so we haven’t forgotten about this, but we’ve also added our unique ArmStreet touch.

Larp shoes in stock

Do you need shoes fast? We keep an extensive stock of fix-sized fantasy leather boots and shoes ready to ship so that you can get the footwear you need in time for your next event. We also offer custom sized shoes, which allows you to take your measurements and get something made especially for you. It’s up to you and what kind of timeframe you’re working in - make sure you let us know if you need your shoes by a certain date!

Worldwide shipping to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

No matter where you live, we can ship Larp leather boots to you. With extensive shipping options available, we can use regular mail or tracked UPS - the latter taking less than 7 days in most cases! So, get in touch and see if we can find a shipping option to suit you.

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