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Medieval Fantasy Pirate Boots

Exclusive pirate leather boots

$269 $229

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Medieval Fantasy Pirate Boots

Leather pirate boots

These pirate boots are another outstanding item we have designed for our own medieval fantasy footwear collection. Creating them we imagined adventures, breath-taking battles and of course - fearless pirates! These boots are great for any kind of medieval style or fantasy event, LARP and medieval martial arts fighting. They will be a spectacular addition to your Pirate or Lady Pirate character's costume.

Boots are made of natural pigskin leather. This soft but extremely durable material was used in shoemaking since the earliest times because of its remarkable qualities. These boots have modern soles that ensure a secure grip and are perfect for different types of activity - from usual walking to reenactment medieval fighting. They consist of several layers: leather insole, leather fiber board, porous breathable orthopedic base and ribbed rubber outsole. In spite of the fact that rubber is modern material, usage of methods close to ancient in the edge processing makes these boots look historically.

These fantasy high boots have twine lacing on the front side, which is a secure type of fastening that will help you to adjust the boots to the shape of your leg.
And the most significant feature of these boots is a combination of modern shoe last similar to sports shoes and medieval look. Thuswise these boots become amazing footwear for medieval style events and trips which look fantastic and can be worn for hour after hour without any discomfort and weariness.

Important note about measurements:

Please take your measurements accurately - that influences very much our ability to make the item that will suit you perfectly.
Please also bear in mind that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch, so when you are getting your new pair of shoes it is normal that it fits very slim. It will get your feet shape after one or two days of usage.

For people with broad ankle or non-standard leg proportion, we recommend ordering more loose shoes because this model assumes slim fitting.

Please note that instep measurement ("e" at Picture below) is really important for this model

Maximum size we can make is US 11 1/2 (European 45)

To check how to measure yourself please click here (see video at the bottom of the page).

Look at larger samples of available leather colors and patterns:

Grey Brown embossed leather sample Dark brown embossed leather Ginger embossed leather Dark blue embossed leather Black embossed  leather White embossed  leather

And embossed leather with second color pattern:

Blue on Black embossed leather   Fushia on black embossed leather  Bronze on black embossed leather  Golden on white embossed leather  Green on black embossed leather   Purple on black embossed leather  Silver on black embossed leather 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern sole.

Technical details:

  • Modern shoe last;
  • Twine lacing;
  • Fits both men and women.

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  • Carmen 24 of September 2018:

    One question: in the pictures included, the top flap on one pair of boots is pointy, while on the other it's rounded. Is it dependent on which colour of leather you select, or is it something you have to request?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Carmen! Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order and we will make it either rounded or pointy. 

  • sywre 30 of October 2017:

    how do i know if i buy women sized or men sized, it doesn't say . in the size chart, size 10 is quite different from the 10 of men. is it something that i don't see here. Also, how long does it take for size 10 to be back in stock again? i can't afford a custom made. what i need is a size 10 or 43 euro sized.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi, these boots can be made for a woman in custom size only. Please select custom size option and leave a comment to your order that these should be made for a woman.

  • Steph 21 of June 2017:

    My fiance would love a pair of these, but it only lists sizes up to 13. Could we custom order a larger size? He wears a 15eeeee in most shoes.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Steph, yes it is possible, but costs some extra. Please contact our support team for more details. 

  • Ken 29 of September 2015:

    Hello, What is the height of Medieval Fantasy Pirate Boots? What is the widest width you can make the sole? Can you put on a small heeled sole instead of the flat one? (doesn't look very pirate-y with flat) Are you planning on designing a more pirate type boot eventually? Thank you for your time Ken

    ArmStreet team:

    The boots are about 18" height. The width of the sole is not limited.
    These boots cannot be made with heels, we can offer Handmade Classic Medieval Leather High Boots or Renaissance High Leather Boots instead.

  • Mykaela 26 of December 2011:

    These boots are amazing! I am all set to buy them....only I really wish I could get them in brown leather. Is this possible? Thanks!

    ArmStreet team:

    Of course, please just choose brown leather color in the order form.

  • Wilma 02 of December 2010:

    The boots look great! Would they endure every-day use?

    ArmStreet team:

    For manufacturing of these boots we use sneakers sole.
    Many of ours customers use them as there casual footwear.

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3 Feedbacks

  • Mark Wieneke 20 of October 2012:

    My wife got me a pair of these for a present. We had to send them back once to be remade due to sizing issues. Armstreet was incredibly polite and helpful and the boots now fit great. They are very comfortable. This is a very good deal for the price! Thank you Armstreet!!!

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you for your feedback, Mark!

  • Dorothy Patterson 20 of January 2009:

    I love my pirate boots. Quality is outstanding! Asked for shipment in time for a festival and got them.

  • Mary 20 of January 2001:

    Well made, perfect for my son's medieval wedding. Fits like glove! Thanks for quick delivery.

    ArmStreet team:

    Thanks for your feedback!

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