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“Duelist” Men’s Ankle Boots

Contrasting leather lining demi boots

$159 $134

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Ankle-high boots for men

Natural leather demi boots with soft contrasting leather lining

Whether you are heading to a pompous event, night-long ball or a challenging duel, this pair of demi boots suits all your needs flawlessly as they are eye-catching enough for the first, comfortable enough for the second and reliable enough for the third. It's a perfect solution for those who are strong enough to resist the consumerism of the modern world and prefer to have one pair of cross-functional footwear instead of three pairs for each occasion described.

These ankle boots are inspired by Gothic aesthetics and combine the amenities of the modern shoe last inside with quite a medieval appearance outside in a signature ArmStreet way. An active lifestyle requires not only comfort for walking but also a durable outsole, as it is constantly challenged by modern surfaces such as asphalt. Reinforced with a rubber stick-on layer, the layered outsole of the boots can easily cope with this challenge – one that historically accurate reenactment footwear gives up to in a dramatically short time. Let’s not forget about the better grip compared to the leather sole, which is extremely important for early morning returns from parties or important battles scheduled for dawn when the dew turns the grass into a perfidiously slippery surface.

Comfort is very important even in tiny details. That's why the lace closure is placed on the outer side of the shoes – this way you won't get trapped by your own lacing. A slightly pointy toe is not long enough to cause any trouble while walking – depending on the size of shoe you wear, the soles will generally be 3.5-4cm (1.4”-1.6”) longer than your feet.

As you've definitely noticed in the photos section, the most attractive visual feature of the boots is a contrasting leather lining. It is made of soft though reliable leather and is available in three colours: red and beige are the perfect match for dark colours of the outer leather while the black one fits light main colour options. It will come in handy if you prefer a more humble appearance and would like to avoid extra attention to your footwear. As the upper portion of the shoe is rather wide, the lining is perfectly exposed to the admiring glances of those around you.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note about measurements: Please be accurate when taking your measurements, as it drastically influences our ability to make an item that will suit you perfectly. Keep in mind that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch, so when you are getting your shoes it is normal that they fit very slim. They will adjust to your feet shape after one or two days of usage. 


  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern outsoles ;
  • Twine laces.


  • Comfortable fit due to a modern shoe last;
  • Slightly elongated toes;
  • Lateral lacing;
  • Contrasting leather lining;
  • High ankle.

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1 feedback

  • Finch 09 of April 2022:

    Delivered through an active warzone and not a scratch on them! They look and feel amazing and I am so happy to have them in my kit.

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