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Moonless Night Boots

Gothic boots with contrasting lining


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Moonless Night Boots

Gothic boots with modern comfort and contrasting lining

The dark queen is confident and sure footed. Every step she takes is with purpose, every move planned, every plan executed. You’ll never see her trip and fall, may she be running through the forest, dancing through the gnarled trees or slinking along the cobblestones of an abandoned village at night. Her footsteps are the sound and the wind, and her footprints are charred pits of ash.

You know what they say: behind every powerful woman is a great pair of shoes.

These gorgeously gothic ankle boots are the ultimate combination of medieval style and modern comfort.  We feel that they embody the best parts of medieval-gothic design and formal wear, while remaining comfortable enough to be suitable for an active lifestyle, which is something a lot of medieval shoes lack. The modern sole of the shoe means that it will have more grip than traditional leather soled shoes, and will also last much longer and age better. While they may look medieval, the technologies we’ve developed in our footwear department allow for us to keep the great aesthetic without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Made from a supple but sturdy leather, these slim fitting boots have an attractive, form fitting profile. While the inner side of the boot does not open, the outside has lacing which gives you the ability to lace them tightly up your ankle. The toe of the shoe comes to an attractive tapered point, which is longer than the average toe you’ll find on modern footwear, but not inconveniently pointy or likely to be tripped over. The soles will generally be 3.5-4cm (1.4”-1.6”) longer than your feet, depending on the size of shoe you wear.

The most striking new feature you’ll find on these shoes is the contrasting leather lining, available in your choice or red or beige. The lining is clearly visible at the top of the boots, and adds a little bit of alternative flair as well as bringing a pop of colour.

Important note about measurements: Please be accurate when taking your measurements, as it drastically influences our ability to make an item that will suit you perfectly. Keep in mind that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch, so when you are getting your shoes it is normal that they fit very slim. They will adjust to your feet shape after one or two days of usage. 


  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern Soles;
  • Twine laces.


  • Comfortable;
  • Elongated toes;
  • Attractive slim profile;
  • Lacing up the sides;
  • Contrasting lining;
  • High ankle.

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1 Comment

  • Aaron 19 of September 2019:

    Heyo! I have untrained eyes, what is the difference between these and the 'Duelists'?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Aaron, these are the women's boots and the duelist ones are men's. 

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