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"Fireside Family" Hooded Raincoat

Water-resistant utility event cloak


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"Fireside Family" Hooded Raincoat

Water-resistant utility event cloak

The compromises are not ArmStreet's strong suit and this cloak is definitely a compromise. People need to have an appropriate look at medieval events, but when the rain comes it ruins everything as the practical necessity to keep yourself dry often beats the desire to look historically accurate, or as they say in LARP, "decorum".

That's the right time for compromises to raise the head: the popular solution is the plastic raincoats that are not nice at all and show the complete defeat against nature. So, here is an alternative.

No way do we use any historical references describing this cloak, it is just a better way to have protection against elements and look reasonably well. We selected nylon colors that don't scream "modern", made wide and flowing silhouette and designed cool-looking leather stoppers that work exactly the way they work on modern sportswear. This cloak also features several clothing engineering solutions that make your life easier. First of all, it is enormously huge, technically it is a full-round cloak with an extra segment attached to the front slit. The lower hem can be up to 10 meters long. The cloak is wide enough to hide a couple of kids when they need immediate protection from elements or to cover themselves wearing a backpack. The extra segment on the front can just hang down as an elegant wave of fabric, but when conditions are really harsh you can wrap it around your shoulders pretty much like a Roman toga, which covers your neck area and holds the front slit closed. There is a fabric loop to hold this piece of fabric in its place on your shoulder. There are also drawstrings on the sides that allow you to pull up fabric to keep your arms free when you need to do something. Pay attention to these options and play with them to use all features of your new cloak.

In some way, this cloak is also a tribute to our old black and silver nylons cloaks that were quite popular but were discontinued due to authenticity reasons. Now we have a chance to create a better balance between practicality and style.

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  • Water-resistant polyester;
  • Leather toggles;
  • Waxen cord.


  • Water-resistant raincoat fabric;
  • Fits into the medieval or fantasy environment;
  • Deep hood with hidden drawstring;
  • More than full round – lower hem length goes up to 10m;
  • Adjustable length over the hands.

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