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Costume “Sunshine Janet”

Medieval women's tunic and surcoat set


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Tunic and Surcoat Costume Set “Sunshine Janet”

Classic medieval style set

This is very classic medieval style set. Dress is a classic version of medieval underdress. It can be used as a single dress or as a part of more complicated garb with surcoat. Lacing on the back allows making size adjustments easily.

Medieval style surcoat can be used with number of ArmStreet's dresses, more matching underdresses available in store. It's great piece to make your look even more medieval.

Both dress and surcoat come in natural flax linen, which is really one of the best fabrics ever existed. It's light, breathable, durable and has unique sunlight protection properties.

Please note, the tunic of size 6, 8, 10, 12 has the side bust darts for better shaping. Also, if the difference between your bust and waist circumferences exceeds 9 13/16 in (25 cm), the dress won't fit tightly.

Choose one of those trims depending on choosen dress and surcoat colors combination:

Blue Archeress trim Brown Archeress trim Red Archeress Trim

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural flax linen;
  • Trim.

Costume features:

  • Light, breathable, durable fabric;
  • Long lace up sleeves (tunic);
  • Back lacing (tunic);
  • Side lacing (surcoat);
  • Trimming decor.

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  • Amanda 27 of July 2022:

    I absolutely LOVED this attire, and lost my set in a recent move, was hoping to replace. Will this costume set be returning (I see the tunic is available but not the surcoat)? Or is it retired and will not be restocked?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, we do not make this set anymore but we appreciate your feedback. 

  • ivan 14 of November 2017:



    Thanks! :)

  • Dawn Johnson 15 of March 2017:

    Hello, I am considering ordering the Sunshine Janet costume - it asks for measurements, but in the 'text' description it refers to 'sizes' that will have darts. Is this a 'custom' outfit, or just sized in regular sizes. I have no idea what dress size I am but can give measurements :)

    ArmStreet team:

    The set goes in custom size, it will be made according to your measurements, but if your chest circumference is bigger than 39 in (100 cm) we`ll add the darts to achieve better fitting.

  • Melissa 21 of December 2015:

    Hello, I am interested in this with a burgundy surcoat, which trim would you suggest for that? And would I be able to get the tunic with blue trim still, if the burgundy surcoat has a different trim? I wanted to wear it with another dress, too.

    ArmStreet team:

    Burgundy surcoat will look great both with red and brown trim, the samples are attached below.

    Sure, the tunic and surcoat can be made with trim of different colors, simply mention preferable trims in a comment to your order.


  • Freya Shipley 10 of January 2015:

    Hello, I'm very interested in your beautiful "Sunshine Janet" set. I'm officiating a wedding in the spring, and I think this might be just the thing to wear. Would it be possible for you to send me photos of some of the other tunic/surcoat color combinations? I'd especially like to see combinations of orange, midnight, green, brown, and natural. I'm having trouble picturing them in my head. Also, how is the wine color different from the burgundy? Thank you, -Freya

    ArmStreet team:

    Usually we make photo shoots of our items only in one basic color, so unfortunately there are no such pictures, sorry.

    Wine red color is brighter and warmer. Burgundy color is more dull and cool shade, it is closer to purple and brown. Here is an example of wine red dress and burgundy dress for comparison.

  • susan 24 of August 2014:

    Does the Medieval Flax Linen Tunic and Surcoat Costume Set "Sunshine Janet" come in a standard size?

    ArmStreet team:

    The tunic is available in fixed sizes, surcoat and full set can be made to order only.

  • Lanie Breazeale 29 of May 2014:

    Hello, I was wondering what dresses you would suggest for a pregnant woman? Thank you, Lanie

    ArmStreet team:

    We recommend dresses with high waist, such as Franks dress and German kirtle, or dresses with side lacing: "White Swan", "Chess Queen", or "Lady Hunter".
    Please add a few inches to your current waist size and chest size when ordering, since the seamstresses can't predict your future size after a few months of pregnancy :)

  • Joha 31 of October 2012:

    Can I ask a Costuming Question? why no hoops/farthingale? They ARE period correct and I've seen a myriad of SCAdians not wearing hoops. It totally deters from the required silhouette of a Tudor Lady. As a Historical Costumefreak, I cringe every time I see the lack of hoops. Please don't take this as anything but a curiousity. The garb itself is gorgeous but I wonder why people don't finish' them by adding a farthingale?

    ArmStreet team:

    We're not against the hoops))
    This garb belongs to the earlier period than the Tudors dress.

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9 Feedbacks

  • Alex 28 of March 2024:

    Fits great, beautiful linen. I cant wait to break it in!

  • Kelly Moore 08 of June 2023:

    This dress is amazing. The craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations!

  • rncude12 04 of June 2023:

    This dress is so much nicer than I was expecting! Tons of fabric in the skirt portion, beautiful detailing in the trim and laces, and it fits perfectly. It feels very glamorous for a relatively simplistic medieval dress. I'm in love and it was worth every penny.

  • Sandra Vallati 12 of September 2021:

    The dress was just as described and fit beautifully. As others had mentioned the fabric seemed stiff but softened nicely as I wore it. I felt both comfortable and beautiful wearing it at a warm, sunny outdoor SCA event.

  • Dax 28 of September 2019:

    This is our first time purchasing full medieval outfits, especially tailor made, so we were quite nervous about the outcome and the prices. Olga was extremely helpful and available to address our questions. upon receipt of the items, which did not take long in transit even though from eastern europe, everything was well packaged and, once opened, looked amazing! after trying each piece on, things fit and felt great, and the quality was top notch. from shirts to shoes, we very much appreciate the work that went into our clothing and can't wait to wear them out in a few weeks time! we've already let some friends know about armstreet and expect to order again in the future.

  • Melissa Sonmezay 10 of September 2019:

    This is beautiful, I got it in burgundy with brown trim and just love it. It's so well made!

  • AmeTeh 22 of September 2017:

    Superb dress, the measures are perfectly respected, the fabric very pretty. The shipment was very fast.

  • Jeanette 07 of July 2017:

    The linen is heavy and durable-the dress looks great-perhaps a touch long, but it is meant as a gown, not a dress. The burgundy tabard is a rich, gorgeous color, and the entire ensemble is stunning; I highly recommend this store for any historic costume merchandise. My Viking cosplay will be first rate due to the quality of the work at armstreet.

  • Catrina Ballou 05 of September 2015:

    Really liked the dress, but the only problem was that it is about 2 inches too long. Shouldn't have to alter a custom made dress. But besides the length it is well made and beautiful.

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