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Flat Medieval Shoes

Slip-on women’s shoes, authentic look

$109 - $144

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Flat Medieval Shoes

Slip-on women’s shoes with an authentic look

It’s late on a warm summer night, and you’re barefoot around the campfire at your medieval camp. You are having a jolly time with your friends, singing sea shanties, and everything is great, until… you have to go to the bathroom. Or maybe you have quickly pop over to another camp. Or run up to the parking lot. The problem? You can’t muster the effort to lace up your medieval boots. Let’s face it; some medieval shoes are just an absolute drama to put on! That’s where these shoes come in.

The simple, flat shoes will make you the envy of your friends. Gone are the days of risky barefoot bathroom trips or struggling to lace up your boots in the dark – these slip-on shoes suit the medieval theme with the added bonus of modern convenience. Easy to put on, fashionable and comfortable, you might even find yourself wearing them around the house in your everyday life!

These shoes are crafted from beautiful genuine leather, which looks fantastic and feels lovely. The leather lacing is functional as well as providing a nice pattern along the shoe for a little bit more visual interest. The leather outsole is crafted from genuine leather, but we have also applied an almost invisible rubber protector to add a bit of grip as long as longevity to the life of the shoes. Another hidden bonus is a 3/8” orthotic heel inside to provide a little more comfort than your average medieval shoes!

Though we based these shoes on an XV century engraving, we feel that they are generic enough to suit any generally medieval character or a Viking and even earlier if you’re willing to stretch your imagination. They are just a good, basic design that won’t attract attention for being too modern.

It is also important to remember that your medieval life doesn’t only consist of battles and fancy parties. Domestic gear that you wear around the camp is just as important when it comes to crafting a character. These shoes create a balance between authenticity and ease-of-use and are neutral enough that they’ll make for a great addition to any outfit.

If you are looking for a similar shoe for men, take a look at our "Bivouac" shoes, which are of the same style but optimized for the shape of the male foot.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine leather;
  • Leather lacing;
  • Leather outsole;
  • Rubber outsole protector;


  • Authentic design;
  • Thick and sturdy leather;
  • Modern comfort;
  • Robust and built to last;
  • Orthotic heel for comfort;
  • Easy to put on.

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  • Guy 27 of September 2019:

    Is it possible to order thoae shoes but from fake leather instead of genuine leather?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Guy, unfortunately, it is not possible, sorry. 

  • courtney 21 of June 2018:

    May I ask what colour these beautiful shoes are in the pictures!? Thank you so much your very loyal customer.. I've got quite a collection of ArmStreet dresses and bodices belts and head pieces. ..that I wear almost every day as I'm an urban medievalist. I figure that it's time to get some of your lovely boots and shoes

    ArmStreet team:

    Hi Courtney! The shoes are shown in light brown leather. We will be more than happy to make this pair of shoes for you!

  • Stephanie 19 of June 2018:

    Can you show photos of the black shoes?

    ArmStreet team:

    Dear Stephanie, unfortunately we do not have the pictures of these shoes in black color yet. However, you may check the black leather color itself on these boots.

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4 Feedbacks

  • Carrie 08 of October 2022:

    Cute and comfortable, though they were a bit tight over my high arches at first.

  • Serena 06 of September 2021:

    I adore these shoes! The styling is simple, yet elegant. I bought the olive green leather, and I love the color. These are perfect for warmer days when I don't want to wear boots. I did purchase gel inserts for them, because I anticipate being on my feet a lot when I wear them. Thanks, Armstreet!

  • Stephanie de-Rooy 09 of September 2019:

    Im very happy with my viking shoes they fit perfectly. Well worth it highly recommend. Very well made definitely buy other items from here

  • Katelyn 23 of July 2019:

    I just joned the SCA and needed proper shoes, so I ordered a pair of these for my first event. They were way more comfortable than I thought they would be and I saw at least one other person wearing what I was pretty sure was a pair from this store as well. They are really well made and I will definitely purchase again once this pair wears out ( or when I give in and buy all of the colors)

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