Fairy Tale

Every fairy tale starts as a whisper. Whispers turn to rumors, rumors morph into stories, and the best stories end up passed down from generation to generation. Some stories are about beautiful princesses, though most are about evil witches, and monsters that lurk in the woods. That’s the thing about fairy tales: even the most innocent of fables started out as a piece of terrifying folklore.

Our Fairy Tale Collection brings you things that are gorgeous, bespoke and just a little bit otherworldly. Made from lush, natural fabrics such as wool and linen, and detailed with delicate hand embroidery, the collection manages to be breathtaking and understated at the same time.  
The “Fairy Tale” Collection is intended to be enticing and mysterious. Images within it cause you to feel an odd nostalgia for summer showers and cold nights, evoking images of both spring and autumn simultaneously.  The wearer of these beautiful dresses and accessories is someone to be admired, while also someone to be feared. After all – the most beautiful things are often a little bit intimidating. 
You will find linen dresses with a few variations of embroidery; all designed here at ArmStreet by our talented designers, and painstakingly embroidered by hand by our master craftspeople. These are people who have dedicated their lives to the art of hand embroidery, and take great pride in creating masterpieces that you’ll be excited to wear. The Fairy Tale Collection also includes warm woolen additions, such as a cloak and a hood to make sure you stay nice and warm in the colder months. 

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