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“Fairy Tale” Adorned Sleeves Dress

Gorgeously embroidered dress with lacing


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“Fairy Tale” Linen Dress with Embroidered Sleeves

Gorgeously embroidered dress with lacing

She fits somewhere between the descriptions of “naive” and “mysterious”, which is unsettling enough to be enticing. She is the kind of creature that you want to read like a story and fear like a folktale, who emerges from the forest like a nymph and fades into the background like a gentle breeze. Did she ever actually exist? Or was she just another tale told over the embers of a fire on a cold night? They say that all of the best stories become fairy tales eventually.

Why not live the fairy tale? This version of our popular “Fairy Tale” dress embodies grace and care, with a flattering silhouette as well as stunning embroidery. The whole outfit projects an air of delicate femininity, and has been thoughtfully designed and constructed by our expert seamstresses.

The cut of this dress is slimline and flattering, and mimics the classic silhouette you will find in many of our other dresses (such as our earlier Fairy Tale Dress). At first it fits like a tunic, but lacing at the back allows you to get a comfortable fit across your torso, and lacing on the sleeves allows for you to get them nice and fitted. The lacing is natural in colour and attaches through a series of durable d-rings which have been sewn into the dress. The skirt of the dress flares out and drapes beautifully, not encumbering you as some of our fuller dresses do, but still swishes in the breeze and accentuates your figure.

We have taken no specific historic inspiration with this dress, and we feel it looks very generically medieval. It’s not unlike many of the simple dresses you can find in many different time periods, and it will look great at any Renaissance Faire, Medieval wedding, or fantasy event. It is made from our beautiful 100% flax linen, which is a stunning fabric with a lush texture that is both insulating and breathable. It softens up over time and relaxes next to your skin, which makes it super comfortable.

The embroidery on this dress is hand sewn and exclusive to ArmStreet. Each stitch is sewn with care from our embroidery experts who have years and years of experience hand-adorning garments. Created by our in-house designer, the pattern was crafted after many hours of research into floral motifs in historical embroidery as well as fantasy costume design. It depicts snaking stems growing upwards, with beautiful blossoms on the ends and dotted around. The design evokes images of a timeless springtime, nature and a wistful nostalgia for something that may never have existed at all. The neckline of the dress is completed with a slightly more simple stitch to add contrast and frame the front of the dress. This masterpiece of a dress looks even better when combined with the matching accessories from our “Fairy Tale” collection, so don't forget to look at them as well!

Please note, if the difference between your bust and waist circumferences exceeds 9 13/16 in (25 cm), the dress won't fit tightly.

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Flax linen;
  • Metal d-rings for lacing;
  • Thin suede lacing;
  • Natural cotton thread.


  • Flattering silhouette;
  • Lacing on the back and sleeves;
  • Exclusive hand embroidery;
  • Breathable linen fabric;
  • Great for many medieval events.

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1 feedback

  • Gwen Oâ 12 of May 2020:

    I purchased a black linen dress with this beautiful embroidery. Thank you very much for the custom made "Fairy Tale" Dress.

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