“Fairy Tale” Limited Edition Set

Exclusive Brown Wool Hood and Mittens


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Limited Edition “Fairy Tale” Brown Woolen Hood and Mittens

Capelet and arm warmers in a limited fabric with stunning embroidery

The creatures of the forest are everything they warned you about. They draw you in like rumors on the wind with whispers that send shivers down your spine. Follow that path, and see where they take you, just remember: even though fairy tales are lovely, every heartwarming story originated from a terrifying folktale…

This limited edition duo is modelled after our popular “Fairy Tale” collection, a whimsical set of clothing with lush embroidery and otherworldly beauty. It includes a hood and a little set of mittens, both of which are made from quality textiles and adorned with hand embroidery. Gone are the days where you have to wear boring, plain outer clothes to stay warm - now you can remain cozy and comfy and also look show-stopping at the same time. Both of these items are made from warm wool, and have a number of enticing features.

Fairy Hood

Though we call it a hood, the first piece of this set is so much more than just that. It flares out at the shoulders and hangs down to your waist, covering a very large amount of your torso and keeping you nice and warm. It really is more of a miniature cape than it is a hood! That being said, the hood is also very generous, and it is easy to pop it up over your head for some protection from the elements, may it be the sun or the rain. Lined with our 100% flax linen, the hood has enough texture and rigidity on the inside to retain some shape and stay up. Because this outer garment is open at the front, you don’t have to worry about your arms being trapped inside or your beautiful underclothes being entirely hidden - it is up to you if you button the hood at your neck, or wear it more open to show off what you’re wearing underneath.

“Fairy Tale” wool mittens

The mittens are dainty and give you a very graceful look. They cover the wrist and a bit of the forearm, and are not entirely unlike arm warmers. Your fingers and thumb are free to use, so you don’t have to worry about having limited dexterity like you would with other types of glove. Little eyelets on the bottom of the gloves include lacing to make sure you get the best fit, and are reenforced with almost invisible thread to make sure they don’t fray and continue to serve you well.

Embroidery decoration

Both of these items are adorned with unmissable embroidery. None of this is done by machine - every single thread of each decorative motif is embroidered by hand, by our expert seamstresses who have spent their whole lives perfecting such an art. The design itself was created by our in-house designers, so you won’t find this beautiful pattern anywhere else except ArmStreet. It takes many hours of work to achieve such an amazing result, and we couldn’t be more proud of the artwork these garments have become!

The embroidery starts with a simple symbol: a flower. You’ll find this flower on the front corners of the hood, and on the top of the hands of the mittens. On the hood, beautiful stems snake their way out from the flower, twisting up to the base of the hood, and stretching out along the bottom of the capelet. The stems are accented with little white, yellow and pink flowers as well as the occasional petal, all very subtle and delicate in color. With the brown of the wool the whole effect is very reminiscent of Autumn, but still has the playfulness of springtime. Along with the floral embroidery, you’ll also find a stitch around every edge of the cape (the bottom, up the middle where it parts and around the whole hood), as well as the top, sides and bottom of the mittens, including the thumb hole. Overall, it is simply breathtaking.

Limited edition

The aspect of this beautiful set that is limited edition is the gorgeous wool we have used. Not only is the color rich and eye-catching, it’s also incredibly soft and feels amazing next to your skin. We have a very limited amount of this wool, so we will only be selling 31 sets of this costume before it will no longer be available in these colors! To commemorate it being limited edition, each set will have a round medallion in a small loop on the back of the hood with the roman numeral etched on it. You can either keep it on the hood or cut the loop and use it as a charm or as a pendant, so you can always remember and treasure the day you picked up an item from ArmStreet with a limited run.

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brown wool (limited edition);
  • 100% flax linen lining;
  • Embroidery covered buttons;
  • Lacing (mittens).


  • LIMITED EDITION, Only 31 left!
  • Linen lined hood;
  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Large hood;
  • Great for cold weather;
  • Dainty mittens with exposed fingers;
  • Embroidered edges;
  • Fine details;
  • Laced mittens;
  • Hand embroidered.

Size chart for the mittens:

  • S/M: Hand circumference — 7" (18 cm); length of the mittens - 10" (25 cm); circumference of the arm below the wrist - 8⅓" (21 cm);
  • L/XL: Hand circumference — 778" (20 cm); length of the mittens — 1014" (26 cm); circumference of the arm below the wrist - 1014" (26 cm).

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