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Necklace “Secret Garden”

Leather Necklace with Etched Accents


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Secret Garden Necklace

Leather Necklace with Etched Accents

A certain type of person chooses to wander into the secret garden. How did you hear about it? Was it whispered in the wind? Or the location passed to you in a note? Or did you simply get lost and find yourself here? Regardless, you’re here now, so you might as well stay a while…

We loved the dresses in our “Secret Garden” collection so much that we decided to make more matching accessories for it! This gorgeous little addition combines the natural beauty of leather with lustrous, ornately etched metal to create a distinct look that will suit a variety of outfits.

We based the design off of our bestselling “Archeress” necklace but improved upon our previous work to create a piece that is more comfortable yet still fitted. The close fitting “choker” style makes your neck appear graceful and feminine, which will also flatter the neckline of any dress and bring visual interest to your face and neck. It suits any of our medieval dresses but would also look beautiful in a modern setting, especially for anyone with a slightly gothic taste for fashion.

This exquisite necklace has a similar etching pattern to the rest of our “Secret Garden" Collection, and matches the rest of the jewelry beautifully to create a cohesive set. It is floral in inspiration but also vague enough that it can conceivably be a snowflake, a star, or wherever your imagination takes you. Beautiful circles of brass or stainless steel wrap around the supple leather with a metal band interlinking them in the middle. At the front, a beautiful smaller pendant hangs down from the central disc of etching.

Though the leather is rigid enough to stand up with the help of the metal, it is not so rigid that it will cut into your skin. There is a gap at the back of the necklace, and the size can be easily adjusted with some gentle bending. We can make this necklace in black or brown leather, with brass or stainless steel etched accents and rivets.

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Please note that this item made with stainless steel accents will be non-blackened, as blackening cannot be performed on stainless steel.


  • Leather;
  • Stainless steel or brass.


  • Fitted choker design;
  • Adjustable;
  • Gorgeous etching;
  • Natural leather;
  • Round pendant at the front.

This item is part of the “Fairy Tale” collection

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9 Feedbacks

  • Lady Michelle 19 of April 2023:

    For my birthday I got a grand amount of goodies. This Secret Garden choker is very cute. Well made and eye-catching.

  • Ilka 20 of September 2022:

    beautiful work, thank you!

  • Jennifer 23 of January 2022:

    Great construction, and the leather is soft enough to wear comfortably!

  • Sarah Corcione 24 of November 2021:

    This necklace is so beautiful - it fit perfectly with my dress The seller is wonderful and very helpful I will absolutely be purchasing from them again

  • Rebekah 01 of November 2021:

    Looks great and is surprisingly comfortable.

  • Daisy Black 17 of February 2021:

    A beautiful choker, and surprisingly comfortable. It goes with everything, too! Thank you.

  • Brandy Fitzpatrick 20 of October 2020:

    Beautiful item. Exceptionally well made. The leather is very soft so it feels comfortable against your neck. Size was perfect. Very easy to put on/take off.

  • Katia 12 of August 2020:

    Very pretty choker, comfortable and not too heavy. I think it goes quite well with the "labyrinth" accessories (ordered previously), even though it's not basically the same collection. This necklace can be worn every day if your look is a little fancy. However, be careful not to crush it when storing it, as the leather is supple and you risk getting wrinkles. A very good product.

  • Lingren 01 of November 2018:


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