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“Fairy Tale” hood and mittens set

Embroidered capelet and gloves


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“Fairy Tale” Woolen hood and mittens set

Embroidered capelet and gloves for the cold seasons

She was the kind of creature that you wanted to know more about… a woman who people wanted to read like a story, and fear like a folk tale. It’s hard to deny that there’s something enticing about something that is mysterious - it pulls you in, drives you to discover more. There’s no shame in following the whispers… after all, they say that all of the best rumours one day turn into fairy tales…

Embrace the otherworldly charm and beauty of the unknown with our new additions to the “Fairy Tale” collection. Made from warm, cozy wool, they are the perfect set to make your costume warmer while also improving it, as well! Both the mittens and the hood are adorned with some of ArmStreet’s most stunning embroidery, meaning the days of covering your costume with a boring cloak are over!

The hood from this set is not by any definition small. It’s actually more like a miniature cloak, draping down to below your chest and covering a decent portion of your torso. The hood part itself is a generous size and will sit comfortably on your head, protecting you from whatever weather you choose to hide from - you’ll find it very functional against both the rain and the sun. The hood is also lined with our lush linen, which helps give it more shape and sit easier upon your head. It closes up via two embroidered buttons and loops at the neck, and is spit in the middle which means it doesn’t completely cover whatever you are wearing underneath, and also giving your arms easier movement.

The little mittens we have made for this set are more like arm-warmers. They have a split in the front for your fingers, and a hole for your thumb, meaning you still retain full use of your digits for important tasks such as reading books or building fires. Lacing ensures that you can get a snug fit, with each little lacing hole re-enforced with hand-sewn eyelets for strength. They cover your wrist and some of your forearm, and are just as beautiful as the hood!

The embroidery on both of these pieces is the part that stands out. The embroidery on the hood starts with a lush flower at the bottom of the capelet. From this flower, stems snake upwards and to the side, with small leaves growing off of the sides. Little white blooms accent the stems all over, filling in any blank spots and completing the look. The same flowers at the base of the caplet can be found on the top of the hand of the gloves, as a single bold motif without the stems. All hems of both garments are finished with more hand embroidery, including the top, thumb hold, sides and bottom of the mittens, the top, middle and the entire hood part of the cape.

All of the embroidery on these pieces is completed entirely by hand, none of it by machine. It has been designed by our talented in-house designers and has been applied to the garments by our expert seamstresses over many hours of work. We are incredibly proud of the embroidery you’ll find on this set, and we hope that you love it as well!

Don’t forget to check out our “Fairy Tale” dresses as well, which have matching embroidery to this set.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Natural wool;
  • 100% flax linen;
  • Lacing (mittens);
  • Cotton thread.


  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Large, lined hood;
  • Warm wool;
  • Well finished seams;
  • Fine details;
  • Laced mittens;
  • Hand sewn eyelets;
  • Exposed fingers for dexterity.

Size chart for the mittens:

  • S/M: Hand circumference — 7" (18 cm); length of the mittens - 10" (25 cm); circumference of the arm below the wrist - 8⅓" (21 cm);
  • L/XL: Hand circumference — 778" (20 cm); length of the mittens — 1014" (26 cm); circumference of the arm below the wrist - 1014" (26 cm).

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1 Comment

  • Lisa 20 of November 2019:

    Hello! Can I get just the gloves in this set, in gray? They're beautiful! Longish would be nice so I can wear them with an existing cloak and not get my arms cold. Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Lisa, yes you are welcome to order the mittens here. Alterations to the pattern is not possible, unfortunately. 

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2 Feedbacks

  • Tiphaine 14 of July 2021:

    Although the hood is a little big (I'd have to wear it more often to get it to fit my figure), I think the outfit - green dress, hood and mittens - is gorgeous! I've been waiting a long time for this outfit (my order arrived late), but I received it in perfect condition, much to my delight! It's a great outfit for cool weather, as it keeps you warm. I'll no doubt be wearing it during my musical performances in the highlands. I'm really in love with all your creations! Wearing them is always a joy for me. Many thanks again to the whole Armstreet team for your talent and for the passion you put into your creations!

  • Serena 20 of August 2020:

    Just received this set, and I LOVE it!!! The embroidery is so lovely. The shade of green is subtle. The buttons are adorable. As always, the quality is amazing. I can't wait for winter so I can wear it out and about. Thanks, Armstreet!

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