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Medieval White Dress “Chess Queen”

Medieval White Dress “Chess Queen”
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Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
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Express shipping time:5-8 Days

Dress color/Trim:

Black cotton
Silver Celtic trim

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Medieval White Dress “Chess Queen”

Wedding cotton dress for medieval bride

Think of occasional beams of sun breaking through the colonnade, giving the Queen's crown a light glow, and of age-old dust on marble floors swept by her rustled skirt. She's observing the world around without fear, reasoned she's found what she needed ages ago. Of all the royal dresses we have, this one best reflects who and what the Queen is.

Made her feel like she could rule again, the "Chess Queen" dress in cool natural cotton features dainteth silhouette from far-off European Middle Ages. The sleeves come into blossom at the upper arms and narrow all the way down to the wrists, ending with elongated cuffs. Side lacings gently hug the middle. The dress has a full floor-length sweep and goes from chic to gala with no visible effort. The skirt flares subtly from the upper thigh with the help of two additional gores. Embellishing is kept to a minimal, but you can count on the fact that the dress still appears timelessly elegant. The Celtic interwoven ornament of the trims is all about making the details really stand out. Along with every other minimalist style fan, we fell hard for this less-is-way-more look.

Tender and light, verging sometimes on the elvish, it will have a similar effect on you. If you ever considered yourself as a bride and decided on a classic white colour robe, the "Chess Queen" gown is the best choice! Comfortable, washable, and versatile natural cotton breathes well, so not too heavy for warm weather.

Wear it plain, with just the belt and crown, or add colored bodice vest to emphasize the occasion and complete the look with shoes matched the theme.


  • Сotton;
  • Celtic trim;
  • Lacing cord;
  • Metal D-rings.


  • Side lacings;
  • Fine trimming;
  • Fantasy design;
  • Button-up sleeves;
  • Skirt bottom ~4.5-5 meters.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Gilly Hathaway:

I am interested in getting this dress as bridesmaids dresses for my upcoming wedding. I am wearing the Archeress in burgundy so that takes that color away as an option for my ladies. I was wondering if there were any other color and trim options for this one to give a little more variety to my bridemaids' lineup.

ArmStreet team:

The dress is originally made of cotton which we have in White, Black, Dark blue, Blue, Green and Burgundy. Any of these colours can be used.
The dress can be also made of linen which we have in many colours, but that will cost $35.00 extra (each dress).


Hi! I'm trying to decide what dress to buy. They are all so wonderful! I like the chess queen dress very much, but I wonder if it is possible to use the forest trim instead of the celtic trim? Is it also possible to make a matching belt like on the lady hunter dress? Best regards May

ArmStreet team:

It is possible to use Forest Princess trim, technically, but it is only 3 cm wide while the Celtic trim is 5 cm wide. So, with the Forest Princess trim final look will differ from the original one. If it is ok for you, please just mention the desired trim in the comments to your order.
The belt can be made if you choose the Celtic trim, Forest Princess trim is too narrow for a belt, sorry. Belt would cost $35.00 extra, if that works for you, please just mention it in the comments to your order as well.


I'm interested in getting a dress and hope to get it custom made and sent to WA, Australia before 31st March. What is standard times for processing before shipping? Typically how long do items take to get to Australia? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

Manufacturing of the dress normally takes 25-29 days. Shipping to Australia usually doesn`t take more than 3 weeks, you can also choose express shipping which takes about 5 days to deliver. If you order now, you`ll surely get the dress by the end of March. :)

Ronshell Wells:

You all made me a perfect dress. It's like I went to your store and got fitted personally. Thank you for everything. Sincerely; Ronshell Wells.

ArmStreet team:

Thank you very much for you feedback! We are so glad you are satisfied with the dress. Enjoy wearing it!

Melanie Clark:

Is it possible to make this dress with the Archeress trim? With the Autumn Princess trim? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

The dress cannot be made with the Archeress or the Autumn Princess trim, sorry. Optionally it can be made with Rowena trim​​ or with Lady Hunter trim.


HEllo! Can this dress be made in midnight flax linen with the trim from the lost princess dress? thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Yes, this dress made of midnight blue flax linen costs $35 extra, with Lost Princess trim - $35 extra too.


I'm curious to know, does the cotton wrinkle as much as the linin? Also, is there "stretch" in the cotton?

ArmStreet team:

Cotton fabric doesn't wrinkle easily, it's thicker and heavier than linen, and keeps the shape better. Linen is much more softer, lighter, and flowing than cotton, but it crumples easily.

Natural cotton does not stretch, as it has no synthetic fibers.

Katie Schnee:

I just received this chess queen dress in the mail the other day. It is absolutely beautiful! It is comfortable and is exactly what i was expecting it to be. It fits perfectly and will be worn in May for my wedding. Thank you ArmStreet!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you, Katie! We're sooo happy that you like it :)
Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Lina M:

Hello, is it possible to get the Chess Queen dress in a dark blue wool fabric (or other color in wool) with a full circle skirt, and with the trim from Medieval Fantasy Wedding Dress “White Swan”? Thank you :)

ArmStreet team:

This dress cannot be made of wool, sorry.

Full-circle skirt costs $45 extra. Simply add a comment to your order, we'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.

“White Swan” trim - $30 extra.

Elsa Schwartz:

I want to order Chess Queen in a dark green with the green Celtic trim. I was wondering if I could purchase extra trim to be used for a belt as the The Lady Hunter dress.

ArmStreet team:

Yes, such trimmed belt costs $35 extra.


Hi! I am interested in the Chess Queen dress, however, I would like a long girdle belt made of matching trim. I'd like the length to be similar to the one you have shown on your Anne of Kiev dress so I can tie it in front. How much extra would this be? How would I go about ordering that with the dress? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Such trimmed belt will cost $35 extra. Simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the belt to your PayPal email.


I ordered this dress in green with green/gold trim. It arrived yesterday and is absolutely gorgeous. It is so very well made and fits perfectly. I can't think of a good enough word to describe how happy I am. A thousand thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your feedback, Vicki! Would be great to see pictures :)


My dress just came in the mail today and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you soooo much I will look like a princess on my hand fasting day.

ArmStreet team:

Many thanks you for your feedback, Heather!


Hello there! Would it be possible to order a belt made out of the trim to go with this dress (similar style to the one shown with the "Lady Hunter")? Thank you!

ArmStreet team:

Such trimmed belt costs $35 extra, simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice to your PayPal email.

avalyen croll:

hello i ordered got this white dress while ago. i forgot i think to leave feedback. i love it fits perfect, and i wear it alot.. even had hubby take photo of me in it.. your store is fantastic and i give good rating to the store slowly iam buying more and more clothes throu armstreet.. very good service and more my favorite thankyou all..

ArmStreet team:


Susan F:

Where are the dresses being made at? I have a wedding in may and I'm wondering if it would make it on time since I have not ordered yet.

ArmStreet team:

Made in Eastern Europe.

We can use EMS express (10 business days), $69 for this dress. We can send an invoice for the extra charge for express delivery to your PayPal email.

Maria Altinidou:

Hello there! I am a very happy owner of the Chess Queen dress in green with the gold trimming and wanted to ask you about washing/cleaning instructions. Should the dress be dry cleaned only or can it be washed by hand? Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Your site is always an inspiration to visit!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you! It's machine washable, use water of the temperature not higher than 30°C (86°F) in gentle/delicate mode. Extraction also in gentle/delicate mode. Hot drying is allowed.

Katie Schnee:

I will be buying this for my wedding dress. I've been looking everywhere for a dress that has a medieval Celtic look and I've finally found it!


If the trim´s bottom is black, wouldn´t it be too dark with dark blue or black colour fabric?? Is there any picture to see that combination?... Thank you

ArmStreet team:

Here are the swatches:

black cotton blue cotton


Is it possible to order this dress as a single color without any trim at all?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, but only if you order it in custom size. Simply add a commment to your order.


I would like to order this dress in black but with the belt! Why don't you sell the belt like this?

ArmStreet team:

Belt from pictures is not for sale, sorry.
Recently we made a women's metal belt. In stainless steel version it will look very similar!


Es perfecto y precioso! como todos los productos que estoy comprando aquí. Buen trabajo!! Gracias

ArmStreet team:

Hacemos todo lo posible para usted! Siempre alegra que ArmStreet!


My parents bought this for me, so I can dress up as an elf for an upcoming movie premier, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am completely in love with it. It fits perfects, flatters me, and the material is beautiful quality. Basically I'm in awe that it was so reasonably priced. You guys rock!

ArmStreet team :

Thank you, Chelsea! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!


I would love to see a picture of this dress in the green color with the gold trim. I am seriously considering this dress for my wedding and I would love it to be in those colors but I really want to see a picture of it that way first. Is this possible?

ArmStreet team:

Here is a picture of the dress made of green cotton with green-gold Celtic trim from our customer. Welcome!


this will be for my dream wedding. finally after fourteen years of going through the wrong men i have got my mr right!

ArmStreet team:

You're very welcome, Sarah!


Its not letting me order. It keeps saying i have to choose the material and measurements

ArmStreet team :

Sorry, perhaps it's a technical bag. Please email your color preferences and measurements to


I ordered this one in white for my wedding and everyone loves it! It fits perfect and the fabric is really good! And it's really comfortable. Thank you!!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you for the great feedback, Amaia! We are pleased that you have chosen our dress for such an important day of your life! 

Renee Ridgeway:

Does this dress (Medieval White Cotton Dress "Chess Queen") come in green?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, can be made to order of green cotton (custom size), simply tick preferred color in the order form.


what colour is the trim for the dark blue dress

ArmStreet team:

In-stock dark blue dress comes with silver trim by default. Also you can order custom size dress in dark blue - with silver, gold, or green-gold trim.


Hello! I have a question. Can I order this dress for my 13 year old daughter? There is no problem with giving the measurements, but still, could it be ordered in size S? Thank you

ArmStreet team:

You are welcome! Not is size S, but custom-sized for your doughter :-)

Alison Bligh:

I am getting married next year and I am having a medievel themed wedding, I adore this dress and will look to order it but I also love the head band the model is wearing do you know where I could purchase this??

ArmStreet team:

The crown from pictures is not available for order, sorry. You can find all available crowns here.

Grace C.:

I am so using this dress if I ever get married! I actually like this one better than the wedding dress, it is gorgeous without being too ornate.

Mary Furchner:

I know the headpiece is not available in your catalog. Is the belt? Thank you for your time.

ArmStreet team:

The belt from pictures is not available for order, sorry. We can offer the Lost Princess belt or the Archeress belt instead.

Mary Furchner:

Are the accessories (belt / circlet) available on your site?

ArmStreet team:

The accessories are not available, sorry.

Laurie Frohn:

I ordered this item in dark blue. The fabric is a nice weight - not too heavy, not too light. Pretty "rose" buttons on the sleeves.


Thank you, Laurie!


Is it possible to get this dress in red with the gold trim?


Yes, sure. But it will be made of flax linen instead of cotton, so it will cost $35 extra. Just email us at and got PayPal invoice with necessary extra.

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