“Sea Born” Embroidered Undertunic

Flax linen chemise with hand embroidery


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“Sea Born” Undertunic with Embroidery

Flax linen chemise with hand embroidery

This collection is for those who are awestruck by the beauty of the ocean and wish they could spend their days wandering the friendly sands of their local beach and meander through the gentle waves. This undertunic is based on a historical pattern, which we have worked to adjust and updated to make it more comfortable and suitable for the modern wearer. Even though it’s a medieval item, we think it wouldn’t look amiss on a beach nowadays as a swimsuit cover or light dress.

This is a chemise or undertunic, which is meant to be worn under your outer clothes. In medieval times, washing over clothing was difficult and could often ruin the finish on some fabrics and embroidery, so it was better to wear underclothes to protect them from sweat and not have to wash their outer layer as often. Because it’s an underdress, we have made it from 100% flax linen, a slightly thinner and finer weave than our usual tunics. The finer linen feels wonderful next to your skin and is breathable and soft.

This is a very high-waisted tunic, much higher than even an empire waist! The seam sits above the waist, just under the v-shaped neckline. From there, the fabric drapes over your bust and waist and down the floor. It’s not particularly gathered at the seam, so it sits quite flat. The underarm and shoulder area are cut on the bias in such a way that you actually end up with a decent amount of room to move, so you can dance or do cartwheels along the beach with ease.

The sleeves are different from any other garment we’ve made before, and we’ve kept the pattern quite close to the historical inspiration and authentic pattern. They are extra long and quite narrow, hanging down over your hands if you do not pull them up. The design intends for you to pull up the extra fabric and distribute it along the rest of your arm, though if you wanted to you could also roll it up or find another solution.

This embroidered version of the chemise features gorgeous mouline cotton embroidery in a medieval-European style. The embroidery is stitched by one of our expert seamstresses by hand, applied carefully, and with love. The pattern twists down the front of the neckline in a peaceful wave pattern that will remind you of the ocean.

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  • 100% fine flax linen;
  • Mouline cotton thread.


  • High waistline;
  • V-neck neckline;
  • Fine flax linen;
  • Long sleeves;
  • Floor-length;
  • Hand embroidery.

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