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“Sea Born” Tunic

Flax linen tunic dress

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“Sea Born” Tunic

Flax linen tunic dress

This flax linen tunic is based on simple, historical patterns and made to be pretty, comfortable, and universal to the medieval era. The “Sea Born” collection has a sense of wanderlust to it, for those who wish to wander misty coasts and dance through the waves of desolate, unnamed beaches. The designs, jewelry, and trims throughout the collection all have elements of the sea to tie them together.

This dress is floor length and is slightly more fitted around the waist than a traditional tunic may have been, though it’s still close to early medieval tunics and dresses. The pattern is quite similar to a traditional Viking t-tunic, with gussets under the arms for movement and a few gores in the dress to give it a bit more volume without making it cumbersome. It has a scooped neckline that is neither high nor low and has lots of space in the underarm for movement and dancing. The sleeves are long and looser at the shoulder and more tapered at the wrist.

The dress is embellished with fine details that make it truly ArmStreet quality, such as the wonderful trim that has been created by our artists. They took inspiration from the sea and waves, as well as Western European artwork to create the flowing pattern. The trim can be found around the neckline, wrists, and bottom hem of the dress.

We have crafted this dress from 100% flax linen, which is a great all-weather fabric due to breathability, sweat-wicking properties in hot weather, and insulation in colder weather. It’s a natural textile and is still popular today for breezy, soft clothing. This dress has been expertly made and features strong, neat seams and nice finishing.

Please note that while this listing is for the dress, there is also a belt available for purchase separately.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim.


  • T-tunic shape;
  • Floor-length;
  • Trim on cuffs, neck, and bottom;
  • Flax linen fabric.

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  • Guest 26 of January 2022:

    Are the sleeves really supposed to be this tight? I mean, sure, they are narrow in the pictures as well, but they don't look quite as narrow as mine. I even added an extra cm to my biceps circumference when placing the order, and still, there's really no extra room. The sleeves are so narrow they restrict my elbow movement: I can hardly bend them fully (well, I can, but it's uncomfortable). I'm also a bit worried about if the sleeves will still shrink when I wash the dress more. I have now washed it once, but my previous items have continued shrinking in the next couple of washings as well.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, please send us your order number, several pictures wearing the dress and several pictures with the measuring tape showing your measurements given in the order form so we could assist you further. 

  • Shannon  19 of July 2021:

    Can this dress be made as a short sleeve?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Unfortunately, it is not possible, sorry. 

  • Mio 09 of May 2021:

    Hello ArmStreet, Is this dress available in any of the red linen fabrics, e.g., wine red or burgundy red? Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Mio, we do not offer this dress in red colors because of the trim. They don't match. However, if you need this dress in red color, you are welcome to place the order for a custom size dress, select any color available and leave a comment to your order with a required color (such custom order cannot be returned in case if you do not like the combination of the red linen and offerred trim). 

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8 Feedbacks

  • Taryn 13 of March 2022:

    I love this dress/tunic. I have it in orange as well as green, and it fits amazingly, along with being beautiful. If I could, I’d buy it in every colour! The lack of ties is awesome.

  • Paula 28 of February 2022:

    A beautiful tunic that fits well. Be aware, though, that the sleeves are quite narrow, especially when worn with a chemise (I will probably often end up wearing mine with something short-sleeved underneath). But if you are ordering a custom-sized tunic, you can add a comment and ask them to make the sleeves a bit wider if you like.

  • Nancy 10 of February 2022:

    I got this in Brown Flax Linen with Caramel and Blue wave trim. I love that the arms are seamless with no cords needed for tying. It is pretty warm and make me feel like I could go for a seaward adventure.

  • Deanna Beck 03 of February 2022:

    I love my sea born tunic and the trim is awesome I can use for Viking or renaissance and it is lightweight so will not get all sweaty in the summer. I can not wait to wear it this year.

  • Audrey Cone 04 of January 2022:

    It took a while to get to me, which concerned me because it was for a wedding, but when it got here I really liked it. The dress fit me nicely and it’s easy to get on, getting it off was little bit harder.

  • Pauline Hunter 23 of November 2021:

    What an excellently well made dress. Really good quality. Thank you.

  • Guest 24 of October 2021:

    Nice bit of tunic. The trim is nice. I usually order the same size but this seemed a little long this time. Otherwise as per other items craftsmanship is wonderful.

  • Guest 14 of August 2021:

    This is a great dress!! It is easy to get on and the silhouette of the dress is wonderful. It is very comfortable and I love the fullness. I purchased the orange color which looks amazing with the blue trim. I also purchased the matching belt to allow for different looks. The dress was true to size. I always order the same size in Armstreet dresses and the fit is always perfect. I highly recommend this dress. The orange is gorgeous!

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