Sea Born

A luxurious collection inspired by the shapes and colours of the ocean, including sea creatures both mythical and real

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Do you love walking along the misty beach at sunrise, and exploring coastal cliffs to the sound of the crashing sea? Our “Sea Born” collection is a series of clothes and accessories inspired by the colourful and lively creatures of the sea, with imagery from the shapes of the ocean. If you dream of dancing through the waves, you’re going to feel like this collection was made especially for you!

The backbone of our “Sea Born” collection is the bliaut, an early medieval garment that is associated with byzantine style clothing as well as western European countries. It is an over-garment that provides warmth as well as a fabulous top layer, often decorated with trim, embroidery and other embellishments. 12th century bliaut often had long, draping sleeves, a fitted shoulder and bust seam, and could be as long as floor length. Ours is slightly shorter than this to ensure it doesn’t drag in the sand while you enjoy your walks along the beach. Other clothing in the collection includes a flattering chemise, a linen dress, fabric belts and wool outer garments.
The other amazing aspect of this nautical collection is the ocean-themed jewellery, such as mermaid pendant, starfish jewellery, seahorses and other colourful creatures that live beneath the waves. Using brass and enamel, we bring these critters to life with quality craftsmanship and a pop of colour. All of our sea-themed jewellery is handcrafted in our jewellery studio and designed by our artists, so you won't find anything quite like it anywhere else!

Made from high-quality linen, wool, satin, and silk, all of the clothing in this collection will keep you warm and make you feel beautiful. Embellished with ArmStreet exclusive wave trim - and in some cases, ornate embroidery - this collection looks and feels luxurious. So, what are you waiting for? Give in to the call of the sea.

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Beautiful early medieval dresses and clothing

We know that people are often entranced by the beauty of Renaissance clothing, adorned with pearls and other beautiful embellishments… but there’s something to be said for byzantine clothing style and more simple styles. These kinds of styles are usually beautiful in their own ways, such as having bright colors or simple, flattering shapes. One of the best examples of this is the bliaut dress.

What is a bliaut?

A bliaut is an early medieval style of overdress that is often worn as the last layer, after putting on a chemise and a dress. Bliauts are usually fitted around the bust and the shoulders, with long sleeves and floor-length at the hem.

Try our stylish and comfortable bliaut dress

The ArmStreet bliaut is very similar to a historical dress in the pattern, even down to the way that we’ve designed the gussets under the arm and on the sleeves. It is made with modern construction methods, so it is very well tailored and made with beautiful fabrics that will stand the test of time. 12th century bliauts were usually made from wool or linen.

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You will love medieval byzantine clothing

Are you tired of always wearing the same styles? We recommend branching out and trying something new! Byzantine clothing was often made from rich, beautiful fabrics, such as patterned silks and brightly colored wools. 12th century byzantine clothing for women often included dresses with loose, long sleeves and wonderful trims.

What do I need for a complete coastal outfit?

If you are designing an outfit to wear near the sea, or for a character who is inspired by the sea, we recommend a few different layers. A linen chemise is a great base layer because it will absorb sweat and protect your clothing. A linen dress is a perfect middle layer because it is still breathable but can also be insulating. As a top layer, you can wear a woolen bliaut or even a cloak, depending on how warm you want to be. A cloak and overdress will be warm seaside clothing.

What is ocean-themed jewelry?

All of our jewelry that is inspired by the ocean is made to look like beautiful sea creatures. From real creatures to mythical monsters, our collection is punctuated with high-quality brass and enamel jewelry that really brings the ocean theme to life.

Seahorses, mermaids, starfishes, and other ocean creatures

When it comes to jewelry, we have a lot of options with this collection! You will fall in love with all of them, and will have trouble picking just one! Some of the options include:

  • Seahorse earrings
  • Mermaid pendant
  • Starfish fibula
  • Nautilus shell earrings

All of these pieces are brightly colored just like the real creatures

Sea accessories

We have more than just jewelry, though. This collection also has a few fabric belts that are utterly gorgeous and very stylish. Fabric belts are a lightweight way to add some pattern and texture to your costume without committing to a large item. All of our fabric belts are lined perfectly and embellished with trim that is exclusive to ArmStreet. As an added bonus, some have beads on the end and some have plain tassels - it depends how fancy you want to look!


What is Italo Byzantine style

Italo Byzantine style refers to Italian style that had Byzantine influence. This was often found in paintings, but can also be applied to fashion.

Where can I find a Byzantine dress?

The best place to find any kind of dress is ArmStreet! We have dozens of styles available and many beautiful dresses to suit any era and costume. If you’re looking for ancient byzantine clothing, Italian Renaissance clothing, or medieval dresses, it’s all available for you here.

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