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“Townswoman” Full Set

Complete women's costume


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“Townswoman” Full Set

Complete women's costume

If you’re looking for a complete outfit that’s simple yet feminine, our “Townswoman” collection is a great choice. Made from high-quality textiles and expertly tailored by our team of talented seamstresses, our “Townswoman” Collection is inspired by the high-middle ages (13th, 14th, and 15 centuries), and blends together with fantasy design for garments that are comfortable as well as beautiful.

This set is of great value and includes five pieces that combine into a complete costume: a short-sleeved dress, chemise (underdress), detachable sleeves, an apron, and a linen cap. When worn together it has wonderful layers and looks perfect!

Short-sleeved dress

The dress is the main attraction of this collection. It has a simple but striking pattern that includes a slim fitted bodice and a long, flowing skirt with four gores for additional fabric. The short sleeves make it great for different weather, and the linen fabric makes it both breathable and insulating. Contrasting linen on the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem make for a simple embellishment that isn’t overpowering but still makes the dress pop. The dress is also adjustable due to the lacing in the middle, which is laced through hidden, well-secured metal lacing rings.


A chemise an under-dress that protects your outer layers from sweat. Our “Townswomen” chemise is made from soft cotton-batiste which is thin and drapes wonderfully, making it the perfect base-layer for this collection. The dress features a scooped neckline with gathering, is long, and has wide sleeves that come in at the wrist with a drawstring.


The “Townswoman” detachable sleeves are similar to arm warmers. They don’t connect to the dress in any way and instead are held onto your arms with their fitted shape and lacing. They are made from 100% flax linen and the loops for lacing are made from waxed cord; synthetic lacing makes them easy to adjust. They are made from two different colors, with a solid color on the outside and a contrasting color on the inside, which overlaps just a tiny bit at the edges for a border.


Aprons are a great accessory because they don’t only add a level of layering to your costume, but are also very functional. Our apron is very basic in design and consists of a tie that goes around your waist, attached to gathered linen. You’ll love having this apron for SCA events, LARPs, and even just around the house.

Linen cap

In medieval times, adult women were expected to cover their hair to preserve their modesty. This means that they were always looking for creative headwear. Inspired by the 14th and 15th centuries, this cap is made from fine 100% flax linen and secures to your head with strings at the side. The back of the cap is twisted together and tied to create a simple, stylish hat!

All of these items are well-made and are full of lovely little fine details that you’ll have to see up close. If you have any questions about this collection or any of the items included, please contact us.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: The dress cannot be made in custom size for the chest circumference bigger than 49 inches (124 cm).


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Fine cotton;
  • Synthetic lacing;
  • Waxed cord.


  • Soft natural fabrics;
  • Lacing for adjustment;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Historical references.

What's included:

  • Dress;
  • Sleeves;
  • Chemise;
  • Apron;
  • Linen Cap.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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1 feedback

  • Shea 22 of November 2020:

    What belt is the women in the black dress wearing in the photo?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Shea, it is a new belt that will be soon available for purchase in our store. 

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