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“Townswoman” Detachable Sleeves

Flax linen sleeves with lacing


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“Townswoman” Detachable Sleeves

Flax linen sleeves with lacing

Dresses with short sleeves are wonderful for a number of reasons, such as less bunching of fabric around your elbow and more airflow. There do come times, however, where you wish that you could have a little something to add a bit of flair or complete the look of the dress without having to commit fully to long sleeves. That’s where these detachable sleeves come in – you can have the best of both worlds!

The sleeves go from your elbow to your wrist, flaring slightly at the end. At the wrist, they can either be left to cover the back of the hand, or flipped back to show the contrasting fabric and add a little cuff. They consist of two layers of contrasting linen, with the lining colour overlapping at the edges a tiny bit to make a thin border.

These sleeves do not attach to a dress and are instead held on by their fitted nature - adjusting them is easy with the help of smooth synthetic lacing. Waxed cotton cord is sewn into little loops that the lacing passes through, which allows you to get the perfect fit.

We made these to match our “Townswoman” short sleeve dress, but they will also make a fine addition to any other dress in your medieval wardrobe.

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Synthetic lacing;
  • Waxed cord.


  • An easy accessory to add;
  • Lacing for adjustment;
  • Contrasting linen.

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1 feedback

  • Leanne 08 of January 2021:

    Thankyou for such beautiful detachable sleeves definitely look great during winter over a chemise

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