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“Townswoman” Belt with Letters

Embossed leather belt “Keys and Symbols”


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“Townswoman” Embossed Leather Belt with Letters

Leather belt with letter design of your choice

The Townswoman collection is all about lush, natural beauty. Flowing dresses are combined with detachable sleeves and wonderful accessories that look great together but will also look at home in any medieval wardrobe. This belt is one of the more magnificent pieces in the collection, characterized by its ornate laser cut fittings and decorative embossing.

The leather used for the belt blank is high quality and luxurious, which will weather nicely with time. It has a rich color and has been deeply embossed with artwork and designs created by our artists specifically for our Townswoman Collection. This design is ArmStreet exclusive so you won’t find it anywhere else, and features geometric shapes and patterns.

The fittings at the front of the belt are made from two layers of 1.5mm laser cut brass and are riveted into the leather, with the leather sandwiched between the two layers of brass for durability. On each of the fittings is a wonderful cursive design resembling a gothic letter of your choice from our custom-designed Latin alphabet. From one side the fitting extends into a chain, and the other into a hook, which allows you to link them and close the belt. This means that the belt is slightly adjustable, though if you change it too much it will cause the chain to sit off-center which is not aesthetically pleasing. At the bottom of the chain is a small matching brass charm, laser cut to resemble the same patterns that are embossed onto the rest of the belt.

This item is finely crafted by our artisans using high-quality leather, brass, and solid rivets. Each item is made by hand to ensure a fantastic product.

To check how to measure yourself please click here. Please, select desired letters in the "Measurements" section.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Leather;
  • 1.5mm brass;
  • Brass rivets.


  • Your choice of letters on the fittings;
  • Quality leather;
  • Shiny brass;
  • Embossed design;
  • Matching charm at the front;
  • Chain and hook closure.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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This item is part of the “Keys & Symbols” collection

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2 Feedbacks

  • Diana 24 of March 2022:

    This belt is a real gem - and I can hardly get enough of the three-dimensional letters. A very fine piece of work - and a charming eye-catcher. Bravo!

  • ShenziHemlock 24 of January 2022:

    A very well made belt that has a lot of love and craftsmanship put into it. A bit bigger than the size requirements I included but hopefully I can still use it.

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