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Cotton Period Dress and Vest “Found Princess”

Cotton Period Dress and Vest “Found Princess”

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White cotton
Burgundy cotton


Burgundy natural velvet


inches cm

“Found Princess” Costume

Chic dress accompanied by velvet vest

1. White cotton dress “Found Princess”

This elegant release of the dress is made of thin Italian cotton of excellent quality. High and slim cuffs highlight the delicacy of your arms and wrists while ample puffs on the sleeves are aimed not to embarrass your dancing movements. The dress has tight slim-fit bodice and wide and heavy skirt draped into folds (it even suits horse riding, not talking about promenades with your Prince). Unique trim developed in-house completes the elegant look and its Mauritanian ornament perfectly matches the style of this dress. The upper part of the dress, bodice, is thickened with extra layer of fabric and has two side lacings to tighten it up and to create a curved line between the bodice and the skirt.

2. Natural velvet bodice “Found Princess”

The vest is that unique garment piece that allows you to make a beautiful dress even more astonishing. This very special and elegant part of period or fantasy costume provides amazing opportunity to keep authentic look and set off your figure. Unlike a corset, bodice has no bones inside so you'll be able to breathe and move freely but like a corset it folds the breast and outlines your waistline. The vest is made of high quality Italian natural velvet reinforced with haircloth - a special fabric which prevents the deformation of the vest. The low collar aristocratically opens the neck and the V-shaped front lacing allows to control bodice tightness. Coquettish quilted “wings” sleeves and tassets with half-round scallops are attributed to Baroque costume. Bodice can be used with any slim-fit period dress.


  • Italian cotton;
  • High-quality natural velvet;
  • Exclusive trim;
  • Natural cotton lining;
  • Linen reinforcement.


  • Deep triangular decollete;
  • Ample puffed sleeves;
  • High and tight cuffs with tiny buttons;
  • Lateral laced slits;
  • Thickened bodice of the dress;
  • Stand up collar;
  • Ornately shaped yoke;
  • Scallops tassets along the bottom;
  • V-shaped lacing;
  • Cross quilted wings sleeves.

 Real dimensions of the bodice “Found Princess”: 

  • size 0 - Under bust 29 1/7 in (74 cm), waist 26 in (66 cm);
  • size 2 - Under bust 31 1/2 in (80 cm), waist 28 1/3 in (72 cm);
  • size 4 - Under bust 33 in (84 cm), waist 31 1/2 in (80 cm);
  • size 6 - Under bust 34 2/3 in (88 cm), waist 34 in (86 cm);
  • size 8 - Under bust 36 1/5 in (92 cm), waist 35 1/2 in  (90 cm);
  • size 10 - Under bust 38 in (96 cm), waist 37 1/3 in (95 cm);
  • size 12 - Under bust 39 3/8 in (100 cm), waist 39 3/8 in (100 cm).

Please pay attention that provided are the real dimensions of the bodice and not your measurements. Please, choose the size of the corsage in accordance to your under bust and waist measurements. If you have borderline measurements, choose the size according to desired fit - chose smaller size for slim fit or bigger size for loose fit.

Please note, that chemise is not included, but is available in our store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



What chemise is the model wearing in the photos? The neckline I can see looks different than the chemise from the link in the description.

ArmStreet team:

This is our new “Found Princess” chemise, which is not listed on the site yet. We're going to list it on the site soon, stay tuned!


Which crown would suit best for this? I can't believe how beautiful this is! Love the puffy sleeves, colors, everything... The corset makes it outstanding, especially the color.

ArmStreet team:

Matching “Found Princess” crown will be available on the site soon, stay tuned!


this is stunning absolutely beautiful I must have to my collection can't wait

ArmStreet team:

Thank you, Avalyen! You're welcome!

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