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Voile Chemise “Found Princess”

White underdress with beads embroidery


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Voile Chemise “Found Princess”

White fantasy underdress with beads embroidery

Here's a long-expected chemise from our fantasy collection “Princess: Lost and Found”. Reflecting on the shirt worthy of a princess, we were taken captive by romantic images of the Botticelli's beauties, their porcelain skin, long wavy hair streamed in the breeze and sheer robes. Soft flowing lines and captivating sadness of this subtle look is visually reminiscent of his famous paintings.

It's our very first item made out of voile (fr. “marquisette”) - tight but very smooth and silky material, appeared in France of Baroque era. Voile consists of a blend of natural cotton and silk. Thanks to its lightness, resistance to ultraviolet and good breathability, clothing made of voile is ideal for the hot season. Translucent material lends a special charm to the image, makes it tender and sophisticated. So far this chemise can be made only of white voile, but we're going to expand the range of colors in the future.

Deep triangular cutout emphasizes the finesse neck and collarbones but isn't too defiant. The neckline is embroidered with silver beads with metallic effect in the form of a zigzag. Optionally you can choose golden beads decoration in the order form. With the help of the drawstring, which runs under the breast and fastens on the back, one can vary the fit and silhouette and slightly adjust an overall length of the chemise. Additional volume and draping over the chest visually enhance the breasts.

The waistline is higher in front and a bit lower on the back. An unusual shape of the sleeves is provided by a combination of puffed-sleeve, which descends below the long narrow cuff. There is a small loop to thread the lace through, which can be wrapped down the entire length of the sleeve as pictured. The full-round skirt is seven and a half meters around the bottom, it reaches the floor with flowing folds according to medieval fashion.

This chemise can be purchased from stock in standard size or custom-made according to your full height in one of the standard sizes. Thin and flowing undershirt fits perfectly the “Lost Princess” and “Found Princess” gowns, as well as any other high-waisted dresses.

Please note, manufacturing of the chemise for full height 5'9" (175 cm) and taller will take somewhat longer than usual. The cut will be slightly adjusted to achieve the best fit.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • White voile;
  • Silver or golden beads.


  • Deep beaded V-shaped decollete;
  • Draped bodice;
  • High waistline;
  • Puffed-sleeves with long, narrow cuff;
  • Full floor-length skirt.

This item is part of the “Eternal Princess” collection

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  • Tabby 21 of August 2019:

    Hi. Are the pictures shown white marquisette with light turquoise shade? It looks white to me. Thank you.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Tabby, the pictures show classic while color. The turquoise marquisette has a light blue shade. 

  • Jo 03 of June 2019:

    hello, is the size chart https://armstreet.com/size-chart.html providing the garment measurements or does it serve as a size guide for me to apply my own body measurements in order to determine what size should I purchase? I have 92cm chest and 72 waist, what size should I buy?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Jo, it is the size chart of the body measurements. We would recommend size 0-2 of this chemise for you. 

  • Jo 03 of June 2019:

    Thank you for the last reply! I have another question, if I buy this chemise and some other items together, why does the shipping fee just added on top of each other? Do you not offer consolidated shipping?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Shipping cost is combined/reduced automatically at the checkout. 

  • Eva 31 of January 2019:

    Is the in-stock Voile Chemise “Found Princess” in cherry marquisette, the same colour as the light pink Colored Chemise “Found Princess” featured in those photos? Or is the colour as dark red as the sample shows? If so, will the light pink marquisette become available again?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Eva, cherry marquisette is a bright red color as shown in the color options. We might not re-stock pink marquisette, unfortunately. 

  • jane conover 17 of September 2018:

    can you make Voile Chemise “Found Princess”in 2x

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Jane! Our size chart is different from the standard one. Please send us your chest and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size for you. 

  • Porsche Schuetze 14 of December 2017:

    Looking at this dress for wedding. Do y'all coustom size for a size 20?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi, our size chart differs from the standard one. Please send us your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size for you. 

  • Sophie 10 of June 2017:

    Hello, Is it possible to manufacture this chemise more quickly, the Fantasy Dress “Found Princess” being in stock ? Thank you

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Sophie! Yes, any custom order can be rushed for 10% extra.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Wilk and Dorota 15 of May 2020:

    Just brilliant! I love it from the very first touch. So gentle, so velvet. It's a pleasure to wear such chemise.

  • Brigid E 11 of March 2020:

    This is an excellent chemise! It is well-made, very comfortable, and looks amazing. I found it fit well through the sleeves and bust. The chemise has enough room to fit a slip or underskirt under it if you want to turn it into a dress in its own right (I even tried it with a crinoline for a full-skirt, anachronistic fantasy look), but the fabric is also thin enough to layer well under another garment. It also arrived at least a week sooner than expected, to my great delight.

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