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Bag “The Kingmaker”

Kidney pouch with smartphone compartment

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The Kingmaker Bag

A kidney pouch style bag with a smartphone compartment

This fabulous bag is a creative take on the popular “kidney pouch” design that was so prevalent in the XIV-XV centuries. Unlike the originals, though, this pouch has one clever new addition – a space for a smartphone!

The exterior of this pouch is made from quality leather, richly embossed and adorned with etched brass. The inside of the pouch contains a number of different compartments to store things, the most prominent being two small brown pouches made from suede. There’s a large space accessed through a slot which takes you to the interior of the pouch, and between the two small pouches is a spot for your phone, holding anything up to the side of an iPhone 8 - although we wouldn’t advise keeping it on you for heavy combat.

Much like the rest of the Kingmaker Collection, everything about this pouch is well finished with no expense spared. The buckles are hand cast from brass, cord is high quality, and everything down to the leather toggles are embossed to match the rest of the collection.

Beautiful gothic lettering and embossing resembling stylized trees and branches run throughout the piece. The top of this bag reads “originale peccatum”, meaning “original sin” in Latin, alluding to humanity’s first sin according to the Christian doctrine – that of disobedience. This theme is also emphasized by the tree and snake embossed over top of the phone case itself, reminding you that your phone is the forbidden fruit that you probably shouldn’t reach for in a medieval environment.

Whether this motif exists to remind the pious knight of their virtues, or to remind the sinful knight of their motivations – well, that is up to you. It’s also possible that we’re just trying to make a cheeky statement towards those who bring modern technologies to medieval events!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine leather;
  • Suede;
  • Brass accents.


  • Width – 31cm (12 1/4");
  • Height – 27.5 (10 7/8");
  • Pocket fits smartphones of size up to comparable with Samsung S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, IPhone 6+/7+.


  • Decorative embossing;
  • Phone pocket;
  • Brass accents;
  • Hand cast buckles;
  • Historically inspired.

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