The Kingmaker

We’re very excited to present the Kingmaker Collection: the fanciest, most ornate and yet still delightfully functional set of armor we’ve ever produced. Inspired by the amazing suits of Burgundian-style armor present during the Hundred Years War era (mid XV century), this collection was made with luxury in mind – we wanted no expense spared in creating a truly stylish set that would demand both respect and envy from your friends and foes alike.

In this collection you will find beautiful brass borders, roped edges, vibrantly dyed veg-tanned leather and rust-resistant stainless steel. Each piece is completed with fine touches such as hand-cast brass buckles and solid rivets, with the careful attention to detail you would expect from such experienced craftspeople. From the sallet down to the sabatons, everything has been intelligently designed and manufactured with the bigger picture in mind, meaning it all fits together and articulates perfectly.

We started this set with a helmet that is quintessentially XV century – the sallet. From there we designed a bevor specifically to provide more protection combined with our sallet, limb protection that is a perfect marriage of articulation and splint, sabatons, redesigned finger gauntlets and torso protection in the form of the best brigandine we’ve ever designed. To top everything off, we’ve designed not one, but three sets of shoulder protection to make sure you have a choice in picking your favorite to complete your look.

This collection is completed with an embossed belt with matching etching, numerous ornamental weapon props and a fantastic new pouch that even has room to protect your phone and keep it hidden in a medieval setting.

And we offer several gambesons of our own unique design as a part of this collection. Check out our article on gambesons to have a better idea of the topic.

This collection is truly a triumph, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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