The Kingmaker

A truly luxurious set of armor designed with no expense spared. Inspired by the mid-XV century, we have paid attention to fine details to create the ultimate kit for the discerning knight.

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We’re very excited to present The Kingmaker Collection: the most ornate and yet still delightfully functional set of armor we’ve ever produced. Inspired by the amazing suits of Burgundian-style armor present during the Hundred Years War era (mid-XV century), this collection was made with luxury in mind – we wanted no expense spared in creating a truly stylish set that would demand both respect and envy from your friends and foes alike.

This is everything you’ve ever wanted for you 15th century knight armor. In this collection, you will find beautiful brass borders, roped edges, vibrantly dyed veg-tanned leather, and rust-resistant stainless steel. Each piece is completed with fine touches such as hand-cast brass buckles and solid rivets, with the careful attention to detail you would expect from such experienced craftspeople. From the sallet down to the sabatons, everything has been intelligently designed and manufactured with the bigger picture in mind, meaning it all fits together and articulates perfectly.

We started this set with the quintessential 15th century knight helmet - the sallet. From there we designed a bevor specifically to provide more protection combined with our sallet, limb protection that is a perfect marriage of articulation and splint, sabatons, redesigned finger gauntlets and torso protection in the form of the best brigandine we’ve ever designed. To top everything off, we’ve created not one, but three sets of shoulder protection to make sure you have a choice in picking your favorite to complete your look.

This collection is completed with an embossed belt with matching etching, numerous ornamental weapon props and a fantastic new pouch that even has room to protect your phone and keep it hidden in a medieval setting. We also offer several gambesons of our own unique design as a part of this collection.

This collection is truly a triumph, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Dress like a noble knight

There were many different kinds of knights in medieval times. Some were fancy, wearing only the finest clothing, whereas others were more humble and wore armor that was dented and older. When the 14th century turned into the 15th, we saw a slight shift in armor, which began to give way to designs that were more flamboyant. We feel that if you’re going to be putting together a kit fit for a 15th century knight, you should just go the fancy route and get the most noble combination of armor possible!

Discover perfection in the complete Kingmaker Armor

Everything about this armor is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. From the sallet down to the sabatons, we have considered every aspect of it and made sure that you will be wearing one of the most beautiful suits of armor you have ever seen. One of the finer touches is that instead of just a regular breastplate for chest protection, we have chosen to use stunning 15th-century brigandine armor which looks amazing and allows for lots of flexibility.

Don’t forget padding with a 15th-century gambeson

Sure, our brigandine is comfortable and allows for a lot of movement, but we suggest that you should think about what kind of padding you’re going to wear underneath to protect you. The gambesons we have designed for this are two-piece, meaning the arms and the chest part can move independently of one another. This allows for more freedom of movement and a better overall design. They have been incredibly popular and are worn by sword fighters, LARPers and SCAdians all over the world!


The most beautiful version of European Knight Armor

While there are many modest versions of armor from this time period, we chose to be inspired by the more eye-catching elements. Every single aspect is an art piece in itself and deserves to be admired. Just look at the 15th-century gauntlets we have created – finished with brass, perfect articulation... what more could you ever want?

The best sallet helmet you’ve ever seen

One of the most important parts of a medieval knight’s kit is the helmet. It protects the most important part of the body, and also projects an overall look for the armor that everyone will remember. We have chosen to make a 15th-century sallet, complete with laser-cut brass edging and a roped edge. This makes it stand out as a luxury item.

A selection of creative 15th-century knight weapons

We have created a few different decorative weapons for you to accessorize with. Even though these are not functional weapons, they are still gorgeous and will be perfect for photo shoots, cosplay, and other purposes. They include the same luxurious touches and even some ornate etching.

Knight Accessories shouldn’t be forgotten

There are many accessories to consider when you are completing your knight kit! This includes functional items, as well as other decorative weapons. Here are just a few “Kingmaker” items we have created to match the whole set and keep your look cohesive:

  • Belt
  • Bag
  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Buckler
  • Scabbard

These are all items that we have made to match the rest of the set, and are very useful to you as well.

Finish your look with a 15th-century knights belt

Belts are a difficult decision to make. On one hand, you want to make sure it is fancy. On the other hand, you don’t want it to overshadow the rest of your costume. As well as this, you have to consider history, as well as your own style preferences and designs. This is why we have offered the perfect solution: a simple, well-made belt that will match your 15th-century armor. Constructed from premium leather embossed with a pattern, it is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, just like the rest of the collection.

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