Finger Gauntlets "The Kingmaker"

15th-century knight armour gauntlets


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Finger gauntlets "Kingmaker": tempered spring steel

15th-century knight gauntlets

In armor making, the complexity of achieving the best possible technical properties of the product competes with the rigidity of the construction that is usually associated with a simpler design featuring a smaller number of moving parts. Like in any other field of engineering, actually. A third factor can be added to the equation, which is often a material and the complexity of the production process.

Some armorers say that making a spring steel tempered armor is virtually making it twice. A blackening process that should be correlated with tempering temperatures adds some complexity too. These gauntlets are definitely on the sophisticated side of the engineering scale. We aimed to make gauntlets that provide unparalleled mobility along with a high level of protection, and we did. These gauntlets kinda cover all the possible applications of modern swordplay - from fencing with a later Renaissance fencing weapon to all SCA weapons and tournament swords. They are flexible to the level of forgetting about them, relatively light because of tempered spring steel material, durable for the same reason, and have several unique solutions borrowed from the armor of the past to make them very protective. We have a lot of designs in our shop that basically became a benchmark for many sword-fighting communities, from our standard Clamshell gauntlets, also available in the spring steel version, to different types of Hourglass Finger Gauntlets. But this medieval hand protection gear is a pinnacle of ArmStreet craftsmanship and armor-making skills.

From the historical perspective, armor gauntlets, pretty much like any other piece of the knight's armor, were more than just armor. They were vital and life-saving gear that played a huge role in the minds of the noble class, a part of the appearance and a statement thing, showing people around the level of wealth and power of the owner. The Knight in shining armor was not only a romantic character in the songs and poems but also the most dangerous and sophisticated power machine of its time.

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  • Tempered spring steel – 1.2 mm for main parts, 1 mm for fingers;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Suede glove;
  • Leather strap;
  • Cast brass buckle.


  • Advanced articulation;
  • Tempered spring steel;
  • Brass casting buckles;
  • Enclosed wrist;
  • Stainless steel roping;
  • Ornate brass trim;
  • Historically inspired design;
  • Adjustable leather strap;
  • Additional knuckle protection;
  • Deeply dished finger plates.

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