Velvet Gambeson “The Kingmaker”

Luxurious two-piece gambeson for knight

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Kingmaker Velvet Two Piece Gambeson

Luxurious gambeson for the discerning knight

Are you a man to be admired? Do you stand with honour and does your very demeanour demand respect? Or is this the man you wish to be? The Kingmaker is a man of authority, who glimmers with not only charismatic energy but admiration from friends and foes alike. People often called him “selfless” and “chivalrous”. This is a man who paves the road for victory and would lay down his life to make sure the man he supports becomes king.

This gambeson is the ideal base layer for a noble or knight who wants to make a statement. This ArmStreet exclusive gambeson was created after months of testing, getting feedback and re-designing. We identified that there was a strong need for a gambeson that could be applied to multiple formats of fighting. So, here is what we have created: includes two pieces, which can be worn in combination or alone. A base layer “crop top” type piece that includes padded arms, and a fully padded vest complete with lacing and arming points. This means that the chest part of the gambeson is free from movement as you swing your sword, and going into high guard won’t cause it to ride up. It also means you can elect to only wear arm padding if you’re just doing some light sparring. We’re incredibly proud of this design and hope that you find it just as fantastic as we do!

The “crop top” does the middle via hand-sewn eyelets. The front of the vest also laces up in a similar fashion, with 4cm of overlap accompanying the lacing to ensure you get the maximum amount of protection. There is a variety of built-in hand sewn arming points: on the shoulders for you pauldrons and on the arm for your arm harness. We have also put groups of 4 eyelets bottom of the gambeson in the ideal place for you to point your leg harness to.

This is truly a luxury item crafted with care and finished with our signature ArmStreet attention to detail. The outer is made from a lustrous cotton velvet, which feels amazing and looks excellent. We have lined it with a strong cotton that holds the structure of the gambeson well and gives it some rigidity. The middle of the vest and the cuffs are finished with a soft suede that contrasts beautifully with the texture of the velvet. The “crop top” is finished with cotton edges, tying the whole thing together and making for quite a handsome ensemble indeed. This is generally an incredibly flattering gambeson, with a slim cut and great design.

Only 10 gambesons of the kind are available as we have a limited quantity of this incredible cotton velvet. Be among ten lucky owners of this functional and stunning collectible by ArmStreet!

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Natural velvet;
  • Cotton lining;
  • Suede (edges);
  • Cotton batting (inside);
  • Cotton thread (eyelets);
  • Lacing cord.


  • Only 10 gambesons available;
  • Exclusive ArmStreet design;
  • Two piece gambeson;
  • Lacing for closure;
  • Hand finished eyelets;
  • Luxurious fabrics;
  • Arming points.

Dimensions for Fixed Sizes (length of the central seam from the neckline to the bottom):

  • S - 70 cm (27 9/16");
  • M - 71 cm (27 15/16");
  • L - 72 cm (28 3/8");
  • XL - 73 cm (28 6/8");
  • XXL - 74 cm (29 1/8").

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1 Comment

  • Mara 31 of July 2019:

    Is it possible to order this with a different colour trim?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Mara, it is a limited edition of the velvet gambeson and it cannot be made to order, unfortunately. There are only several pieces left in stock and it will be discontinued once all sizes are sold out. 

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