Sword “The Kingmaker”

A noble XV century inspired longsword


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Kingmaker Sword

A noble XV century inspired longsword

You haven’t known true beauty until you’ve gazed upon this phenomenal decorative sword from our Kingmaker Collection. Inspired by XV century longswords, this sword not only has a longer blade, but a longer grip to allow it to be used in both hands. Undeniably knightly and noble, this is a sword that’s meant to be used by a wielder in full armor, either on foot or on horseback. In crafting this sword, we set out to make something divine yet understated, and we know we’ve achieved that in all of the fine details of this remarkable weapon.

The crossguard is unique in that it has attractive twisted quillians, finished with decorative cut outs that give this sword a sense of refinement. The blade is flourished with an ornate but not overwhelming amount of etching, starting at the cross-guard and decorating 1/5th of the blade before tapering off. The hilt is expertly wrapped in comfortable leather thonging, giving it a great feel in your hands that also looks fantastic. At the bottom of the hilt you’ll find that it gently slopes out into a hexagonal pommel that truly finishes off the look of a beautiful, classy sword.

The Kingmaker Sword is made of stainless steel and is hollow, given that it is purely a decorative piece. While the scabbard isn’t included with the sword, it is available for purchase. Have a look at our Kingmaker Sword Scabbard if you want to finish off your look with an amazing scabbard made specifically for this sword.

Important note: this item is intended to be used as a decorative piece only. This sword is not a weapon, it can't be sharpened and must be used only in places where it is safe: away from children and any other people and objects that may be accidentally harmed. Please use it responsibly and take into account that by buying this piece you confirm that you agree to take full responsibility for your safety and safety of other people that may be potentially harmed.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Stainless steel (hollow);
  • Leather thonging.


  • total length 105 cm (41 3/8");
  • length of the blade 79.5 cm (31 19/64");
  • width of the blade near the hilt 4 cm (1 9/16");
  • width of the blade near the point 2.2 cm (7/8");
  • width of the cross-guard 21.5 cm (8 1/2);
  • width of the grip 3 cm (1 1/8");
  • thickness of the blade near the hilt 1.1 cm (7/16");
  • thickness of the grip 2 cm (13/16").


  • Hollow blade;
  • Decorative etching;
  • Unique twisted crossguard;
  • Historical design.

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