“Gudrun the Wolfdottir” Coin Pouch

Small coin bag with brass accents


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“Gudrun the Wolfdottir” Coin Pouch

Small coin bag with brass accents

It was easy to mistake Gudrun the Wolfdottir for small – after all, she was so graceful and moved through crowds of people with ease. She was anything but that the battlefield, though. Fighting her taught me that dainty could also be powerful. I only made that mistake once.

Coin pouches are an aspect of your costume that adds a huge amount of character! Just having one hanging from your belt adds a lot of visual interest and makes you look less like a person playing dress-up, and more like a person wearing clothing. This coin pouch is very thin, meaning it is best if you use it for coins, cards, keys, and other flat things that will slot in easily.

This little pouch is expertly crafted and looks quite stunning, with a brass frame and leather. The brass is ornately etched with a Viking knotwork pattern, and includes quite a lot of detail. It is attached with little brass rivets that add to the overall look, and keep the whole thing held robustly together. In the center of the pouch is another knotwork design, which has been deeply embossed into the leather. Both of these designs are ArmStreet exclusive, meaning you will not find them anywhere else! We came up with these designs in-house after lengthy research into Viking art, which is why they look so perfect.

The pouch closes at the top with the help of three cast buttons, and can be attached to your belt with the help of some cord, which ties around two brass loops. Everything about this pouch is well finished and perfect, making it a huge amount of style packed into a small package!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Leather;
  • Leather cord;
  • Etched Brass;
  • Cast brass buttons.


  • Height 17 cm (6 3/4 in);
  • Width 12 cm (4 3/4 in);
  • Neck width 7 cm (2 3/4 in).


  • Small but powerful;
  • Embossed leather;
  • Etched brass frame;
  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Ties onto your belt;
  • Cast buttons.

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1 Comment

  • Silje 27 of May 2019:

    Is it possible to make this pouch big enough to contain a mobile phone (139x67,5x7,5mm) plus a card-holder (104x64x8mm)? And with a string that can go across your chest/around your neck?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Silje, unfortunately, this pouch is too small for any mobile phone and its size cannot be altered, sorry. 

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