Belt and Heraldic Chain Set

Enamelled brass and leather accessories


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Gothic Knight Belt and Heraldic Chain Set

Enamelled brass and leather accessory collection

Gothic armor is one of the most beautiful, impressive styles to come out of the medieval period. Sleek, refined and artistic, it can be found in museums all over the world today, with reproductions being worn by fighters, jousters, LARPers and more. We knew that when we made our new Gothic Knight set, we would need to make an accessory collection equally beautiful and ornate, otherwise, it wouldn’t stand out at all! So, here we have a pair of fantastically enameled pieces that will hold their own next to your armor or finery.

These two items will set you apart from your foes on the battlefield and are perfect to wear to victory feasts and other formal events. They are well constructed from premium materials and radiate an air of luxury that will demand respect from your foes and peers alike.

The first piece is the belt. This belt is very precisely sized and is made to measure, so ensure that you send us the most accurate measurements possible, on top of whatever clothing or armor you wish to wear it with. The belt itself is made from quality leather, accented in the style of a XIV/XV century plaque belt, which was often displayed on effigies or worn over the top of armor into battle. The brass plaques are in two shapes: circles and squares, which alternate to create an interesting pattern. They are 1.5mm thick and 5x5cm/ 5cm diameter. They are deeply etched to make room for striking enamel, which can be customized to match the colors of your heraldry. The buckle at the center is circular and extra big, at 7cm in diameter. It closes with the help of hooks on the central piece, which attach to metal links on the belt itself.

The second piece of this collection is the livery collar. Often worn by people of status, these chains were used to denote rank and show importance. Just like the belt, we can customize the enameled color to match your personal heraldry. The chain consists of 15 square segments, as well as a central round piece in the middle that hangs against your chest. It is solidly built, with each segment attaching to other segments with thick brass wire in a way that allows it to hang freely yet in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each plate is 3.5x3.5cm (1 3/8" x 1 3/8") and etched deeply to allow for enameling.
The length of the chain is constant – about 75cm (29 1/2").

The brass combined with the enamel creates a pop of color that you wouldn’t usually find on your armor. With a matching belt and collar, you will appear refined, respectable and noble, without even having to say a word to anyone!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 2mm brass wire;
  • 1.5mm brass;
  • Enamel;
  • Leather.


  • Chain plates: 3.5cmx3.5cm (1 3/8" x 1 3/8"), 1.5mm (16 ga) thick;
  • Chain length: about 75cm (29 1/2");
  • Rings: inner diameter 6mm (15/64"), outer diameter 8mm (5/16");
  • Belt leather width: 5cm (1 31/32");
  • Belt length: custom, up to 132 cm (52'');
  • Belt buckle: 7cm (2 3/4") diameter;
  • Belt plates: 5x5cm (1 31/32" x 1 31/32") – square; 5cm (1 31/32") diameter – circular.


  • Quality materials;
  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Strong construction;
  • Fitted belt;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Contact us to customize to your colors;
  • Bright enamel.

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