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"Bird of Prey" Fencing HEMA gloves

Exclusive gloves with long embossed cuff

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“Bird of Prey” Fencing HEMA gloves

Exclusive fencing gloves with embossed cuffs

We are expanding our HEMA gear collection and already have two beautiful lines of rapier gloves for more "Sport" oriented fencers and for those who value "Heritage" more than competitive achievements.

But there are always people, especially among our customers, who want more. These gloves are an exclusive version of our rapier gloves, with a padded element hidden under authentically looking leather and a cuff plastic element replaced with reliable embossed leather.

They also have a moving wrist fold which minimizes the chance of an unpleasant blow in the wrist and at the same time doesn't restrict your movements.

These gloves themselves can make your look epic, they will work perfectly with a rapier, a dagger, or a smallsword on the SCA cut and thrust battlefield or on the HEMA tournament, and they also can be used in so many different ways as an element of the costume and as a protective gear for a lighter weapon, from LARP polearms to plastic practice weapon.

Get a pair and you'll have a perfectly comfortable glove for many occasions and an eye-catching element for your costume as well.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine gloving leather;
  • Reliable embossed leather;
  • EVA.


  • Perforation on fingers and wrist;
  • EVA padding;
  • Perfect flexibility and grip;
  • Moving wrist fold.

This item is part of the “Bird of Prey” collection

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