Bird of Prey

Birds of prey evoke a certain image: great eagles, quick falcons and foreboding vultures to name a few. It’s undeniable that these creatures are terrifying, strong, dangerous and utterly amazing to watch! This collection of armor is a series intended to have the same stunning aesthetic prowess as a bird of prey, as well as the same magnificent dexterity and flexibility as it’s namesake.

This set is based on the transitional armor of the Hundred Years War, which marks a time when soldiers started to trend away from using chainmail and entered into another era of popular body armor: the age of the brigandine. Popular from the late XIV century onwards, the brigandine offered protection at very little sacrifice of flexibility. Slim fitting, articulated and handsome in shape, brigandines also look fantastic on knights and mercenaries alike. 
We started making this collection with the magnificent brigandine crafted from a huge amount of small plates with solid rivets and a strikingly colorful genuine leather font. From there we worked to make some of the most beautiful splinted armor you will find, made from veg tanned leather with embossed accents. We also added ornately roped stainless steel shoulder, knee and elbow pieces to complete the look and add a bit of shine. Along with a popular wool gambeson, they create a set that proves to be as functional as it is eye-catching. 
The collection is completed by accessories such as a XIV century kidney pouch, a belt, a unique buckler and matching decorative weapons that prove to be a great combination for photoshoots and other adventures. 

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