Splinted Legs “Bird of Prey”

Cuisses, schynbalds and poleyns set


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Splinted Legs “Bird of Prey”

Cuisses, schynbalds and poleyns set

Anyone who has ever tried plate armor legs knows that they are an eternal compromise. Steel armors tend to put pressure on your ankle joint and hamper movements, putting a lot of strain on the waist and hips - depending on how you attach them. It’s not about the quality, but the material they are made of. Obviously, leg armor is necessary to keep your legs from taking heavy blows but not at the cost of comfort.

Leather and metal legs offer an excellent solution to this dilemma. Elongated stainless steel plates riveted on the veg tanned leather base lie at the core of the splinted limbs protection. Both thigh and calf portions are made up of vegetable-tanned leather, shaped over the anatomical forms and hand painted. Each poleyn consists of seven pieces fitted together and features a side fan with edging to keep the joints safe. These legs allow adding and subtracting pieces, so you can wear each part separately.

Compensating for the lack of elegance inherent to full-plate armour, medieval armorers worked for making splints look smart. So, we’ve designed a unique ornithomorphic ornament in medieval style to adorn the leather outer shell of the “Bird of Prey” legs and arms. Cuisses and schynbalds have embossed birds and flowers detailing on the front with decorative borders along the edges. The splints are attached with dozens of hand-cast beautiful rivets. Also included are leather straps, featuring cast brass buckles.

It's still obscure why splint-and-stud armor has been forgotten throughout the Dark Ages, but judging by the huge number of pictorial sources, splints&brigandine were the main alternative to the full-plate armor during the 14th - mid 15th centuries.

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Safety disclaimer: Sword-fighting and fencing is a dangerous sport. Fencing, historical fencing, medieval reenactment and martial arts as well as other related types of activity, are inherently connected to a certain risk level of injuries or death. The Company declines all responsibility for any traumas or harm done to oneself or to the third person, along with any material or consequential damage, impaired during the products usage. We admonish that all acts with armour, weapons or their components have to be performed before designated person who is responsible for safety of the particular event and accredited to supervise armour and sport weapon conformance to the event’s standards.


  • Stainless steel 1 mm - splints;
  • Stainless steel 1.5 mm - knee cops;
  • Veg tanned leather;
  • Cast brass fittings.


  • Light weight;
  • Tooled patterns;
  • All parts detachable;
  • Hidden steel splints.

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