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Splinted Legs Harness “Hound Of War”

Splinted Legs Harness “Hound Of War”

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Splint Legs Harness “Hound of War”

Cuisses, greaves, and knee poleyns set

It's believed that splinted armor was widespread in the 14-15 centuries among European warriors, though similar designs can be seen in both earlier and later depictions. And it is clear considering leather is a very strong material, but lightweight and comfortable to wear. Combined with stainless steel plates profiling - splints - it makes highly protective limbs armor, that functions remarkably well.

The splints on the cuisses and greaves are placed chequerwise, riveted both to the outer and inner sides in turns. Deep knee cops with articulated lames made of 1.5 mm stainless steel provide excellent protection properties. Carefully forged sliding plates allow full mobility and comfort. Feature fluted ribs which guarantee high strength while adding a gothic fleur. There are holes for threading the mounting straps. The popliteal cavity is covered with a large rondel from the outside and a small rondel on the inner side of the knee.

All the materials used are durable and long-lasting, but the greaves made of naturally tanned leather are the jewel in the crown. Anatomically molded to conform to the natural shape of calves and drawn on a boot-tree, they provide the excellent snug fit. Veg-tanning allows excellent moisture and sweat resistance in addition to the inherent durability and strength.

The individual components of the harness are fastened with leather straps and brass buckles, and might be attached to a belt with laces. The legs can also be disassembled into theirs component parts to wear the splinted cuisses, greaves, and knee poleyns separately. Period-correct splints are a perfect choice for heavy SCA, BotN, full contact fighting and reenactment.


  • Stainless steel;
  • Genuine leather;
  • Veg-tanned leather (greaves);
  • Cast brass rivets and fittings.


  • Hand crafted;
  • Articulated poleyn lames;
  • Staggered with metal splints;
  • Transformable by detaching its parts to wear separately.

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Mathieu Ferland:

Is there a compatible sabadon and is it possible to modify the lower leg to also protect the calf.

ArmStreet team:

The armorer says it's possible to adjust our sabatons, so they would fit the leg armor. As for the full greaves - it depends on your measurements, please email us your ankle, calf and knee circumferences.

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