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Splinted Arm Harness “Hound Of War”

Splinted Arm Harness “Hound Of War”

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Splinted Arms “Hound of War”

Rerebraces, vambraces, elbow couters set

We are proud that about ten years ago ArmStreet was the first who presented splint-and-stud armor to the market. It became one of our hallmarks, and we’re excited to see it amongst our bestsellers through all these years.
Although this style is typical of the 14th century, these also might be a nice supplement for any type of 12th to 15th century armor kit. If your less than wealthy knight or man-at-arms character might could not afford a full plate arm armor, then this harness is exactly what you need.

Leather has natural flexibility, so that the arms can be fully unbent to extend them straight, while reinforcing by the stainless steel plates provides great protection. Consisting of narrow longitudinal plates riveted to the thick leather base, rerebraces and vambraces allow great maneuverability incomparable with plate armor. Considering the competition with the latest, we decided to place the splints in a staggered manner, riveting them both from the inside and outside of the leather base in turns. As a result, you get the same level of protection as if purchased full plate arms with leather lining, but for less money.

This splinted arm harness attaches the plate elbow couters to splinted parts with laces. Fluted lines and ribs of the couters provide slender grace and perfect protection. Thought the sharp edges of the sliding plates are historically accurate, they can be rounded upon request. Elbow joint is protected from the inside with protruding element. Completed with detachable rondel of historically accurate shape. 

Can be worn all together when tied up, or disassembled to get separate splinted rerebraces, bracers, and half-closed stainless elbow couters.


  • Stainless steel;
  • Genuine leather;
  • Cast brass rivets and fittings.


  • Precise fit;
  • Flexible design;
  • Staggered with metal splints;
  • Transformable by detaching its parts to wear separately.

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What are the gloves pictured with the armor? Are they also for sale? I'd love to know where I can pick them up if you guys don't carry them.

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the gloves are already available, please check them here.

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