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Padded Fencing Gloves

Padded Fencing Gloves

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Padded Fencing Gloves

SCA armoured combat leather gloves

We've received many inquiries on inner leather gloves during all those years that we produce steel gauntlets. Until today, we were not ready to make them for sale because of our high quality requirements. Now we dare to say we had reached a great level of expertise, and these leather armor gloves are definitely the best on the market.

Obviously, gambeson was the main element of the padding protection for a warrior in the Medieval era, but not the only. The gloves were also a part of a full protective armament. Clumsy and bulky padded mittens at first, with the development of the weapons they evolve into better-fitted and laced up gloves intended to absorb blows and protect of abrasions from the armor.

Articulated fingers and tactile properties of the leather allow perfect grip and flexibility, making these gloves suitable for using with both sword and polearms. Made of firmly stitched genuine leather, they are staffed with 5 mm thick foam insulating pads to protect from impacts. Extended cuffs protect the wrists. The gloves cushion and distribute the weight of the weapon.

Inner gloves worn under the gauntlets will keep your hands away from injury during both swordcraft training and fencing. These can be worn on their own for just a light layer of protection. Five-star addition to any historic armored outfit!


  • Genuine leather;
  • Foam pads.


  • Insulating pads;
  • Extended cuffs;
  • Articulated fingers.

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Patrick Anderson:

Is there any padding directly covering the wrist bones? Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

The gloves have 5 mm thick foam insulating pads to protect your hand and wrist from impacts. The cuffs are also designed specially to protect your wrist.


How thick is the leather?

ArmStreet team:

The leather thickness is about 2 mm.

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