Hound Of War

During the Hundred Years' War, the increasing role was played by mercenaries — halberdiers and pikemen, archers and crossbowmen, not the knights in gleaming armour. The “Hound Of War” collection was inspired by their infantry style.

Full armor kit combines numerous pieces, including a new type of body armor — a brigandine, featuring woolen outer shell and steel plates riveted underneath to give proper protection without sacrificing any form of movement. Included arms and legs are a combination of the upper and lower cannons and steel cops. Coupling of leather and steel keeps you agile and light, and what is more both arms and legs are collapsible, allowing to vary the degree of protection for training and bugurt. The armour package features cabasset helmet with conjoining bevor to ensure that your head, neck and throat are all kept safe from harm. Fully articulated ribbed pauldrons will come in handy when your shoulders and upper arms just need that extra bit of defense. The two final touches are upgraded mitten gauntlets to keep your hands safe and sound, while matching inner leather gloves ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

Equipped with weapons and accessories, it will go a long way making you look like a soldier fit for battle. Choose one of these decorative weapons to make the set complete: fantasy halberd head, falchion sword or a dagger, either of which is crafted from stainless steel, which ensures hardy strength. Bladed weapons are supplemented with suitable sheath, which can be hung directly to your new belt. Best period kit for any 15th-century soldier or mercenary to wear, and there's nothing that's as jaw-droppingly cool!

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