Cabasset With Bevor “Hound Of War”

15th-century helmet kit


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Cabasset With Bevor “Hound Of War”

15th-century helmet kit

Closed helms are fine for fighting right away, though they might be stuffy. Open helmets do not impair breathing but they won't keep your teeth and handsomeness safe. Consequently, what other options might be there for a 15th-century soldier? Here it is - a historically accurate cabasset helmet paired with a fully-articulated bevor. Seriously, it's simply not worth the risk to consider fighting without the best protection you can get.

Choosing a cabasset helmet kit, you vote for a good head and face protection along with better ventilation and vision. Being the predecessor to the morion, cabasset helmet has rounded edges. The helmet features a sleek construction. Its top portion is a smooth dome, seemingly seamless, with the edges rolled and engrailed. Wide brims protect the back of the neck and ingeniously keep downward strokes on their way. Comes equipped with inner padding and leather chin strap, adding to its wearability.

The bevor is a completely separate piece that doesn’t need to be attached to the helmet itself. Its gorget plate covers the sternum, while the articulated plates ensure throat safety covering the neck, jaw, and mouth. They can be dropped down like a buffe during a break to take a deeper breath or to have a drink. It can be raised high up to the eyes and then the eyeslits will prove useful.

Deep layering plates of the bevor allow "turtleling", which provides a very effective protection to the neck. A good alternative to an earlier period coif or maille. The bevor does make sense for both a foot soldier and a knight, who might get a bunch of blows from below.

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  • Cabasset - 14 ga (2 mm) stainless steel;
  • Bevor - 16 ga (1.5 mm) stainless steel;
  • Leather chin and neck straps;
  • Brass rivets.


  • Period design;
  • Riveted padding inside the helmet;
  • Movable plates on the bevor;
  • Eye slits on the top plate;
  • Locking pin.

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