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Medieval Brigandine “Hound Of War”

Medieval Brigandine “Hound Of War”

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Medieval Brigandine “Hound Of War”

Plated body armor with woolen exterior

By the mid-14th century longbows were capable to break through the chain mail. Sure thing soldiers still wore it together with padding clothes to cover the gaps between the plates of the upper armor and for shock absorption. But such a combination was too heavy, while protecting qualities haven't improved radically. Therefore, gradual surrender of wearing a full chainmail rung up a generation of reinforced doublets in all their diversity: coat-of-plates, jack-of-plate, and finally brigandine - a new type of body armor made of steel plates riveted under the woolen, quilted linen or leather base.

Initially emerged in 13-14 centuries as an element of military equipment only available to the nobles, in the course of the 15th-century brigantine widespread, becoming a typical infantry body armor. Its qualitative difference was the distinctive protection from both lancing and direct blows due to the overlapping steel plates, light weight, and maneuverability.

Durably constructed with interior stainless steel plates 1.0 mm thick, it features about 50 various plate shapes. They are attached to the cotton base overlap with the degree of movement between each other to ensure flexibility. We’ve used 1,250 rivets to assemble the armor, with the cast brass hardware being visible on the exterior shell, forming a beautiful pattern on the outer panel. The hem of the brigandine is reinforced with a chain mail insert from the inside. The main layer is 100% natural wool available in a variety of colors. All the layers are reliably stitched together and feature woolen edging. Possess lacing with waxed cotton cords on the sides and shoulders for securing the armor in place. Extends just slightly past the waist and offered in custom size to achieve the perfect fit.

Production of such an armor is extremely time-consuming and requires several tens of man-hours. All production stages, such as cutting and polishing the steel plates, materials cutting, casting, riveting, and assembly of all the elements are performed manually.


  • Wool;
  • Cotton;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Cast brass rivets;
  • Waxed cotton cords.


  • Flexible design;
  • Fastens with lacing;
  • Multi-layer protection;
  • Overlapping steel plates;
  • Historically accurate model.

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