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Midi Gambeson "Layer One" Heritage

Historical linen padded jacket for SCA

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Gambeson "Layer One" for WMA: Heritage edition

Heritage edition linen swordsman's under-armour

In the realm of swordplay, a diversity of approaches to the art exists. For those more into the historical part of the spectrum, we introduce this midi-length flax linen gambeson. This exceptional under-armor protection is a testament to the needs of historical swordsmanship enthusiasts. This gambeson embraces authenticity and facilitates remarkable freedom of movement and a snug fit. The intentionally narrow and contoured sleeves smoothly slip beneath the armor without adding unnecessary bulk, allowing you to wield your blade with unrestricted grace. This version features mid-hip length.

We have used only the highest-quality materials, including the natural flax linen outer layer and lining, batting, leather details, and brass buckles. Leather components, such as straps and arming points, provide both style and functionality. The gambeson's dense batting padding furnishes superior protection during rigorous training and sparring. An additional layer of thin padding between the body and sleeves enhances comfort and safeguards beneath your cuirass, gorget, and pauldrons.

The stand-up collar cradles the throat without undue pressure, thus ensuring safe and practical cooperation with gorgets or helmets. The gambeson's interior eschews bulky seams, granting the fencer comfort without chafing or skin irritation. Seam connections are discreetly fashioned to remain unobtrusive, including those concealed within the boardings along the edges. This strategy is particularly vital at the shoulder seams, where more substantial seams would otherwise be tight upon the collarbone under the weight of armor. The two-seam sleeves add modern convenience and comfort, permitting unrestricted movement. In contrast to historical counterparts with tied-up sleeves, this contemporary design augments mobility with an elbow groove. A gusset bestows full arm mobility while retaining the waistline's integrity. One of the main goals for the design department within the "Layer One" series was to create gambesons with maximum freedom of hand movement. We've tested the final pattern on experienced fencers, and they all agree that these gambesons have the best hand mobility they've ever seen.

This historical interpretation of the gambeson has no Velcro fastenings, instead opting for traditional closures to maintain authenticity and a snug fit. Leather arming points at the shoulders and elbows enhance practicality and historical precision. The flax linen gambeson of midi length embodies a harmonious blend of historical authenticity and contemporary comfort, making it an ideal choice for passionate devotees of historical swordsmanship. Whether paired with chainmail or plate armor, this gambeson is a dependable guardian of your well-being.

Please note that this gambeson is designed as a foundational layer for your steel armor. While some swordplay formats, in particular SCA cut and thrust and some other HEMA disciplines permit gambesons of this kind (in combination with throat protection) for bloßfechten, we offer a separate line of products featuring certified 350N fabric for this specific purpose.

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  • Flax linen outer layer;
  • Flax linen lining;
  • Leather details;
  • Batting filling;
  • Brass clasps.


  • History-based pattern;
  • Soft and dense materials;
  • Ultimate freedom of movement;
  • Fits under various types of armor.

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1 Comment

  • Matthew 14 of November 2023:

    Hi! I was wondering how thick this gambeson is, and will there be different color options in the future? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello it is less that 1 cm thick. For now we have it only in this color.

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1 feedback

  • Jo Ann Shayhorn 05 of January 2024:

    Phenomenal product. My son is extremely pleased. It fits him perfectly and he loves all the features - laces for attaching armor, the buckles - the overall quality is tremendous!

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