Lightweight Elbow Cops for WMA

Spring steel elbow couters set


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Lightweight Elbow Cops for WMA

Spring steel Gothic elbow couters set

As the whole new line of plastic protection was recently added to our good old stainless steel ranks, it's time to balance the gap in between with the spring steel elbow protection. These lightweight elbow cops feature a closed conical shape one can meet in Gothic armour. Made of spring steel and available in various finishing, those will blend smoothly into your fencing setup.

The joint cover features a unique cusped shape that mirrors the German Gothic style. The fluted edging adds extra reinforcement to the structure, making it durable and reliable. The elbow protection can be worn independently or in combination with the vambraces – the cops have pairs of holes at the upper and bottom parts. You can use those to securely attach the cops to your underarmour clothes when you need to be manoeuvrable but reliably protected. Or connect with the vambraces and rerebraces for the entire arm protection as part of your complete set of armour. Thick leather straps with hand-cast buckles are included.

A stylish appearance is always a bonus, so we encourage you to choose from the finishing options for those elbow cops. While this listing features blackened and mirror-polished spring steel, go forward reaching us if you need a satin polished or golden colour version.

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  • Spring steel 1.2 mm;
  • Leather straps;
  • Brass buckle.


  • Lightweight;
  • Holes for secure attachment;
  • Conical shape;
  • Various finishing options.

This item is part of the “Modern Swordsmanship” collection

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