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Midi Gambeson "Layer One" for WMA

Sport edition linen swordsman's gambeson

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Medium length "Layer One" Gambeson for WMA

Sport edition linen under armour padding

One can approach the use of the sword in various ways. This time, we've got something special for those who are more into striking appearance, modern bright colors and have no intention to limit their under-armor protection with a period look. Check out our midi-length flax linen gambeson from the "Layer One" series. It's perfect for those seeking comfort while wearing metal armor (sounds almost impossible, right? Stay tuned – we'll unveil all the secrets). This protective gear is all about your convenience and safety and lets you move freely.

The gambeson has narrow sleeves that fit smoothly under armor, giving you a snug fit without extra bulk. Plus, it's got a mid-hip length for that classic look. The stand-up collar is gentle on your throat, making it easy to wear with helmets and gorgets.

One of our gambeson's most precious features is flattened seams. Our designers and seamstresses did a tremendous job both at the stage of pattern creation and during the manufacture of each single gambeson. It is designed without bulky seams to ensure you can fence comfortably without chafing or irritation. All seam overlaps are carefully crafted to be subtle and discreet, even those tucked away inside the contrasting edges. Flat seams are crucial, especially at the shoulder, where thicker connections could press against your collarbone under the weight of the armor. The two-seam sleeves allow unrestrained movement, and a gusset lets your arms fly, dance, and strike with lightning speed. Experienced fencers who tested the final pattern confirmed that these gambesons offer the most exceptional hand mobility they have ever encountered.

We use high-quality materials: natural flax linen, natural leather, and thick battin. In the sports version of "Layer One" gambesons, you get Velcro closures along the front slit for the entire length of the torso, which means you won't have to bother with leather straps every time you put it on. At the bottom of the sleeves, there's a handy slit with Velcro, allowing you to adjust the wrist fit within the Velcro's width. This feature brings your experience of wearing bracers to a new level. The wide Velcro closure is secure, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit, so if you're not a fan of leather straps, we can customize your gambeson to have none.

We've added leather arming points at the shoulders and elbows for even more convenience when wearing your armor. Whether you're into chainmail or plate armor, this gambeson keeps any of those in place and, therefore, keeps you protected.

Important: This gambeson is your base layer for steel armor. Some swordplay formats allow this kind of gambeson (supplemented with throat protection) for bloßfechten, but you might as well consider the separate line with certified 350N fabric.

To check how to measure yourself, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Flax linen outer layer;
  • Flax linen lining;
  • Leather details;
  • Batting filling;
  • Velcro closures.


  • Flattened seams for ultimate comfort;
  • Historically based pattern;
  • Comfortable lining that can be either contrasting or of matching color;
  • Designed for the best freedom of movement;
  • Velcro closures;

  • Under armor protection. 

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1 feedback

  • Alistair 01 of June 2024:

    Bought the "Sport edition swordsman's midi linen gambeson "Layer One" for WMA" and I am using it for SCA rapier combat. It's both comfortable and protective, and it looks fabulous.

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