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Knight Pauldrons “Dark Wolf”

Spring steel medieval knight spaulders


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Knight pauldrons “Dark Wolf”

Spring steel shoulder medieval knight armor with shield rondels

One complaint we’ve always had about armor, in general, is that it’s encumbering and heavy. “Dark Wolf” is our solution to that problem: lightweight, just as protective as thicker mild steel armor, and sure to leave a lasting impression! The use of stronger steel, as well as a slick aesthetic, makes this armor leaps and bounds above anything we’ve made before.

Though a lot of this collection is pure fantasy, it’s actually also quite historical. We’ve borrowed aesthetics from European XV century armor, which you’ll see in the fitted nature of much of the armor as well as the articulation. It’s also inspired by our popular “Dark Star” collection – we’ve had many customers asking us when we’re going to be making the male version of it, so here it is!

These beautiful pauldrons provide shoulder protection and lace onto your gambeson or arming garment via holes in the leather at the top. From the leather, the pauldrons extend down into a sword breaker which gives the whole collection a little bit of a fantasy look. From the main plate, there are three more lames to protect your upper arm, which have a nice point to them. At the bottom, there is a panel of leather, and a leather strap and buckle to help you secure them. The most notable part of these pauldrons are the rondels – they extend from the pauldron with leather and are in the shape of a shield.

The material we’ve used for this armor is spring steel, which looks great but is also functional material. Spring steel is much stronger than mild or stainless steel, meaning we can make armor even thinner than ever before without impacting how much force it can take. The result is more fitted armor that moves with you, encumbering you much less and really helping you on the battlefield!

By default, we’ve made these pauldrons blackened as seen in the photos, with plain rondels (no wolves). We advise contact our customer support to talk about other options, such as mirror polish finish, blackened or gold accents, and enameled etching of custom design.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

IMPORTANT: To fit correctly and prevent injury, a suit of armour must be accurately built to the measurements of the person wearing it. PLEASE take all measurements over either the gambeson or under-padding you are planning to wear with this armour. The sole exception is for persons buying armour and padding together, ArmStreet will then make the proper size adjustments for the armour based on the measurements provided for the padding.

Medieval Martial Arts are, by their very nature, dangerous and ArmStreet is not responsible for any injuries sustained by persons wearing their armour during the course of such activities. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper training, armour, weapons and knowledgeable supervision during these activities. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the wearer and their opponent for the safety of the participants.


  • 1.2mm spring steel;
  • 1mm spring steel for segments;
  • Solid rivets;
  • Washers;
  • Leather.


  • Articulated and flexible;
  • Decorative shield-shaped rondels;
  • Light and strong;
  • Swordbreakers.

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1 feedback

  • Alessia 16 of March 2021:

    I have purchased with the arms, all pieces fit perfectly and my custom rondels decorated are better than I can imagine! Thanks a lot! I love the dark/light contrast of the segments!

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