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"Heritage" HEMA fencing gloves

Padded fencing gloves with short cuff

$109 - $120

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“Heritage” HEMA fencing gloves

Padded fencing gloves with short cuff

Rapier fencing gear, as well as many other renaissance fencing disciplines equipment, was always about finding the best balance between protection and flexibility, and HEMA fencing is known for its never-ending search for the best gloves.

Our team members are interested in European martial arts themselves and worked thoroughly on designing these gloves in a way that they are both relatively historically looking and comfortable. Though fencing gloves belong to our new generation of gear, the core design comes from our padding gloves that have proven their functionality. The gloves are made of soft leather, so they fit perfectly. But when they are brand new, they might feel quite tight. Just fence once or twice and the leather will stretch on your hands. Fingers and the wrist are perforated for better ventilation. Hands get warm and sweaty during fencing, and it is an important improvement to make you feel comfortable. Fingers, thumb, and palm have EVA protection in addition to a thin plastic layer inserted in the cuff. Takes the level of protection, the intended use for them is the small sword and rapier HEMA and SCA cut-and-thrust renaissance fencing. You might also find them quite comfortable for plastic weapon moderate speed practice and spear fencing.

We provide the “Heritage” version of our fencing gloves in rather pale colors. If you prefer brighter ones, take a look at our “Sport” version. If you choose black leather, you might get black marks after the training. It will stop after regular usage, but if you want to avoid it, think about lighter colors. You can also choose the length of your cuff. The shorter one is better if you plan to wear bracers while the longer one can serve as extra protection instead of bracers. The choice is yours and generally depends on the weapon, ruleset, and type of practice. Whether you are just starting your way in HEMA or have years of experience already, you will enjoy these gloves.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine gloving leather;
  • EVA;
  • Plastic.


  • Length of the cuff: 7-8 cm (2 ³/₄ – 3 ⁵/₃₂'');
  • Perforation on fingers and wrist;
  • EVA padding;
  • Perfect flexibility and grip;
  • Plastic insert in the cuff.

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1 Comment

  • Mirek 24 of December 2021:

    Hello, is the gambeson pictured here available to purchase?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Mirek, it will be availabe for purchase soon :) 

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1 feedback

  • Brandon 05 of June 2022:

    These gloves fit perfectly, pack down flat and add an awesome grip for your weapon. I work with my hands so I was a tad nervous swapping these into rotation but FEAR NOT! Plenty of protection for the hands!

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